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Cisco Ranks #1 Top Foreign Corporate Citizen; Rola Dagher

Cisco Ranks #1 Top Foreign Corporate Citizen; Rola Dagher
Cisco Canada's President Rola Dagher celebrates Cisco's #1 ranking on the Top 15 Foreign Corporate - as an industry leading organization in global governance.
Cisco Ranks #1 Top Foreign Corporate Citizen; Rola Dagher  READ FULL ARTICLE

Cisco Ranks #1 Top Foreign Corporate Citizen; Rola Dagher

Rola Dagher

President Cisco Canada

June 07, 2018
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  • Digital Business, Cisco Canada

I am absolutely delighted that Cisco has been recognized as an exceptional and industry-leading governance organization by Corporate Knights – ranking #1 on the Top 15 Foreign Corporate Citizens in Canada.  

This is a very special award for us. It shines a light on organizations that hold themselves to the highest standards of operational excellence, ranging from diversity of workforce, to carbon footprint, to supplier governance, to clean revenue, among others. At Cisco, we are so proud to be recognized for maintaining these high standards, as it truly underpins our success. We work hard as a corporation to ensure that various duties are met and exceeded. We don’t only drive best in class operational practices, we harness them internally. 

We also know that well-governed companies have a positive social and environmental impact over the communities they are a part of, and that matters greatly to Cisco (2016 Business and Social Impact Report, Deloitte). We take pride in being positive contributors who support the communities that we are privileged to work in. 

Overall, Cisco aims to accelerate global problem solving and spread positive social and environmental impact by driving partnerships and harnessing our technology and expertise. Our goal is to positively impact one billion people globally by 2025. Whether it’s through our employee benefits and programs, our Networking Academies that help enable people’s full potential in the digital economy, or founding the Connected North program here in Canada that uses our collaboration technology to provide education and mental health and wellness programming to over 7,500 underserved youth in remote Indigenous communities across the country. We are committed – and will continue to be committed - to always doing the right thing for our customers, our partners, employees and for the planet. 

At a time when the global business environment is rapidly changing, the focus on corporate governance remains constant and of supreme importance. This is the first year Corporate Knights has made the Top Foreign Corporate Citizen list a ranking, and we are honoured to come in at #1. It is a true testament to the fact that Cisco continues to lead with transparency, accountability, sustainability and with our customers in mind. This forms the backbone of everything we do and we are delighted that our efforts are recognized.

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Dan Bazinet, PMP 1 y

I love who we are, what we do, but most of all, what we stand for!

Chris Coburn 1 y

What an amazing organization to be with. It's our customers and our communities that make Cisco Canada what it is. Thanks you Canada!!!