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A Note on Memorial Day

A Note on Memorial Day
Each year on Memorial Day, people and families across the nation honor those who have died serving in the United States armed forces.
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A Note on Memorial Day

Larry Payne
Senior Vice President, U.S. Public Sector

May 29, 2017
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Each year on Memorial Day, people and families across the nation honor those who have died serving in the United States armed forces.

It’s a day marked with traditions – from flying the American flag at half-staff until noon and pausing for a moment of remembrance at 3:00 p.m., to attending a patriotic parade or having a family gathering. This day means something different for everyone, but for everyone, what this day represents shapes all that this country is.

We pay tribute to not just what they do, but who they are. When I think of service women and men, I tend to think of these qualities:


Ceaseless commitment

When service women and men enter into the military, their instant dedication to the mission and enduring love for our country is etched in flesh. They are committed to protecting this country, and they see the greater purpose in their fight.


Intense respect

We tell our kids to show respect to service women and men. When they walk into a room, thank them for their service or shake their hand. But, service women and men portray this quality ten-fold. They show a deep respect for those around them, and for our country – both of which they put their lives on the line for.


A perpetual bond

The bond they have with each other is nothing short of incredible. They support each other, they protect each other and they fight for one another. Importantly, they never leave another behind. They are permanently tied to those who are next to them on the battlefield and off.


Against all odds …

Not only do these women and men fight, but they do it in most extreme conditions with the same commitment, respect and bond, no matter what.


At Cisco, we hold these qualities in high regard, which is why we have a program that focuses on veterans – hiring, connecting and enabling them, as well as other initiatives that actively support veterans. And, our U.S. Public Sector team is driven to help active military as well. We have a unique responsibility to serve those who protect, serve and educate through the use of innovative technology solutions that will drive their businesses and missions. The team shares a common passion to enable our troops – enhancing their safety and optimizing their ability to protect our country.

In honor of our fallen soldiers, and their loved ones, take a moment to express your gratitude to a veteran or a soldier. Thank them for their selflessness and bravery, and their great service to this country and to all of us.

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