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Cisco Employees Make Wishes Come True for Kids in Need

Cisco Employees Make Wishes Come True for Kids in Need
Giving Back for Three Magic Kings Day in Mexico City
Cisco Employees Make Wishes Come True for Kids in Need READ FULL ARTICLE
Cisco Employees Make Wishes Come True for Kids in Need

Cisco Employees Make Wishes Come True for Kids in Need

February 08, 2017
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Last month the Three Magic Kings made wishes come true for hundreds of Mexico City’s neediest children – with a little help from Cisco employees. January 6 is anticipated by children all over Mexico because it is the day that the “Three Magic Kings” bring presents to good boys and girls. For the past six years, employees in Cisco’s three Mexico City offices have been making sure that very ill and impoverished children get what they ask for from the Three Magic Kings!

This year employees collected letters with gift requests from children supported by three separate organizations: the Neurology department at the Pediatric National Institute (INP), Aquí Nadie se Rinde, an organization that supports low income kids with cancer, and Ilumina, an organization that rehabilitates visually impaired children. A team of employees led by Zayil Vargas, Project Manager for the Global Delivery Center (GDC), collected and distributed 280 presents for these children, including toys, dolls, games, bicycles, clothing, boots, and even a microwave to make popcorn. And three employees (Manuel Lozano, Irvin Mendiola, and Luis Cervantes) dressed up as the three kings to hand out the gifts and spend time talking with each of the children.

But that’s not all . . . Another group of employees raised money and purchased supplies for an orphanage in Mexico City. Through the “Guadalupe-Reyes Marathon” they were able to collect donated products and funds to supply 64 boxes of pull-up diapers, 30 packages of baby wipes, 2 liter bottles of hand sanitizer, 2 containers of powdered formula and 20 tubes of diaper cream for babies and toddlers at the Hogar y Futuro orphanage. Yoshio Homma, Network Consulting Engineer from GDC, led this effort, asking employees to commit to running or biking at least 42,000 kilometers from December 12 to January 6. Employees who did not reach their exercise goals donated money to make up for the missing kilometers.

Zayil Vargas is thrilled to be able to help children through this work: “I believe that being a child is one of the most special and magic phases of our life,” she says. “Seeing the kids’ illuminated faces can make anybody happy, no doubt about it.”

Giving back is an important part of Cisco’s culture. And these Cisco employees all went the extra mile to light up the faces of children who might not have much to smile about otherwise.

  • Alejandro Garcia Pineda
  • Hector Bautista
  • Amy Kome
  • Elda Perez
  • Elizabeth Coronel
  • Erika García
  • Eva García Del Valle
  • Feliza Lopez
  • Gabriel Hernández
  • Giovanni Cancino
  • Irving Mendiola
  • Ivonne León Camacho
  • Javier Márquez
  • Liliana Márquez
  • Luis Cervantes
  • Manuel Lozano
  • Maria Cristina Villalobos
  • María Perez Arteaga
  • Mayra Fernandez
  • Milagros Allende
  • Pilar Sevilla
  • Ricardo Septien
  • Sandra Ortiz
  • Yoshio Homma
  • Zayil Vargas
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