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#WeAreCisco and we #LoveWhereweWork

#WeAreCisco and we #LoveWhereweWork
Cisco Canada has been recognized as an exceptional, and industry-leading, workplace by Forbes Best Employers in 2019.
#WeAreCisco and we #LoveWhereweWork READ FULL ARTICLE
#WeAreCisco and we #LoveWhereweWork

#WeAreCisco and we #LoveWhereweWork

Rola Dagher
Cisco Canada

January 29, 2019
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In the age of digitization, the people imperative has never been so critical. Having an empowered, inspired, inclusive, and adaptable workforce is fundamental to any company’s success. That’s why I am delighted that Cisco Canada has been recognized as an exceptional, and industry-leading, workplace by Forbes Best Employers in 2019. This is one of the first years Cisco Canada has made the list, a testament to our continuous efforts and commitment to make Cisco Canada an incredible place to work. 

At our core is a people-centric culture, led by our People Deal. Our People Deal encompasses the culture we want and need to lead in our industry. We call it a deal because there are two sides—what our people can expect from Cisco and what we ask in return. And as part of the give and take, we focus on empowering our people through learning and development programs, our world class benefits, and through using our technology and expertise as a platform to make a difference. As a platform to take the world from hope, to the possible.

We are dedicated to ensuring that our employees’ development is supported and their contributions are valued. We do this by providing access to the right services, information, and opportunities needed to for our people to succeed. We also provide an open and connected environment to explore ideas, challenge conventional thinking, and develop the skills necessary to help lead our customers through their digital transformation journey.

And our satisfaction comes from our ability to collectively make a meaningful impact in the world. As part of our Corporate Social Responsibility Report, our promise is to have positively impacted one billion people in the world by 2025. In Canada, we are leading the charge with over 200,000 graduates from our Networking Academy programs since 1998. We have also launched a Connected Mental Health initiative that will help drive greater access to mental health resources through our collaboration technology.

Our People Deal and commitment to our employees forms the backbone of everything we do.  And with all of this in place, you can expect us to continue to focus on our people as we shape Canada’s digital future. Because while technology is the enabler, people will always lead the transformation. 

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