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Town of Cary, NC – Using Insights for Parking Improvements

Town of Cary, NC – Using Insights for Parking Improvements
U.S. Public Sector Senior Vice President Larry Payne of Larry Payne debuts Cisco Kinetic for Cities Platform featuring Cary, NC.
Town of Cary, NC – Using Insights for Parking Improvements READ FULL ARTICLE
Town of Cary, NC – Using Insights for Parking Improvements

Town of Cary, NC – Using Insights for Parking Improvements

Larry Payne
Senior Vice President, U.S. Public Sector

November 14, 2017
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Last month, we announced the new Cisco Kinetic for Cities platform, an evolution of our Smart+Connected Digital Platform that aims to support community digital transformation efforts to meet the demands of growing, sophisticated populations with greater support for things like parking and lighting, as well as traffic and crowd control.

As cities and communities – both large and small – continue to embrace Internet of Things (IoT)-connected technologies, they need a solution to help manage and analyze large quantities of data.  That is where Cisco Kinetic for Cities platform steps in to help manage, extract and share data insights to create a smart-city framework and help towns make quicker, data-driven decisions to improve citizen services.

With Cisco Kinetic for Cities, cities have a solution to integrate IoT devices that control lighting, parking, crowd control, environment, transportation devices, and more. It connects the right people with right information at the right time. For instance, the Town of Cary, N.C. – is the second-most populous incoporated town in the United States – is already using the solution to create a “living lab” where emerging smart-city technologies can be applied to help improve the lives of citizens.

As Cary’s population continues to increase, so does its need for efficient management and monitoring of citizen services. One such challenge was a lack of parking in the town’s downtown area. Using Cisco Kinetic for Cities platform, town officials were able to deploy this living lab environment that would support the town hall parking lot, and simultaneously introduce smart-city technology to citizens during elections and community events.

Now, town officials can monitor the number of available parking spots, as well as peak times, to help with planning and growth. They also monitor the usage of handicapped spaces to determine if additional spots are needed during town events to meet the needs of citizens. Another benefit? The ability to garner insights from the data that enable them to make informed decisions on how to best arrange the lot during high-traffic events, like election days.

“Cisco Kinetic for Cities Platform is the solution we need to positively impact our citizens’ lives,” said Terry Yates, Smart City Program Manager in Cary. “Capabilities like real-time and historical visibility into parking space utilization are allowing the town officials to not only see handicap and electric parking space utilization, but to also help us design more efficient parking solutions for our citizens.”

With a foundation in place, Cary can continue to build on the platform to create a more efficient, connected city. Parking is just the starting point as the town continues to explore how Cisco’s solution can support broader smarter city initiatives that will deliver more efficient, secure and reliable citizen services, as well as deliver cost savings in the long term.

“We see Cisco Kinetic for Cities Platform being an integral part of our digital transformation strategy that provides a citizen-centric white-glove experience,” said Nicole Raimundo, Chief Information Officer in Cary.

Cary illuminates how our platform is creating insights from data. Cisco Kinetic for Cities will continue be a catalyst for analyzing and managing data across the city for a range of urban services – from connected parking lots to street light maintenance and community Wi-Fi.

Click here to learn more about Cisco Kinetic for Cities platform. For more information on Cisco’s financing program to offer long-term support to city’s digital transformation efforts, giving city leaders the ability to deploy cutting-edge technology with minimal initial investment, click here.   

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