Cisco Americas Network AnnouncementsSat, 24 Aug 2019 08:53:44 -0700Hosted Collaboration Solution for Defense (HCS-D) Launched next step in the U.S. Department of Defense’s IT communication journey – migration to a secure cloud – is here. Cisco is proud to announce provisional authority to operate (PATO) for Hosted Collaboration Solution for Defense (HCS-D). Securing the cloud means securing collaboration At Cisco, we’re uniquely positioned to help the Department of Defense (DoD) modernize collaboration and address various mandates to move to cloud, improve security and modernize. We understand that all missions matter and the need to be responsive to the demands of modern force readiness. Cisco HCS-D is a mission-critical system that provides the capabilities needed to support today’s military and to field 21st century digital collaboration platforms. In the modern era, every platform deployed in DoD needs to be prepared to share, connect and learn on protected resilient communication platforms.2019-07-23 Cisco Canada, NPower Canada & Lifeline Syria: Connecting Newcomers with Digital Skills Training partnership between Npower, Cisco and Lifeline Syrian truly embodies our mission to join with like-minded organizations to build bridges to the possible. We believe that anything is possible with a bridge to get you there. 2019-07-15 Webex Gets a Dose of AI with Cognitive Collaboration take for granted how much of our work relies on communicating effectively with our coworkers, clients and colleagues. As the workplace has become more modernized, globalized and digitized, the tools that we use for collaboration have become even more integral to the success of our workdays. Cisco's Webex platform has been a long-standing leader in the collaboration sphere, but that position of strength hasn't made the company complacent. At Cisco Live 2019, the company unveiled an infusion of AI into its Webex platform, which it calls Cognitive Collaboration. Some of this manifests in things like People Insights, which uses AI to crawl the web for public information about people you're meeting with outside of your organization, or to crawl internal data sources for people within your company. Take a look at what this AI-fueled version of Webex can do for your business.2019-07-02 ISTE 2019: How technology will change careers and industries over the next 10 years talk featuring research from Cisco and Oxford Economics at the ISTE edtech conference looked at "significant transformation" coming in the labor market.2019-07-02 ISTE 2019: Cisco Simulator Sends Teachers to Mars for Hands-On Learning's Mars Classroom Simulator Challenge at the ISTE 2019 conference, is an escape room that requires participants to work together to solve a problem in a fictional scenario on the planet Mars. The idea is to give teachers a chance to engage in the same collaborative, hands-on learning experiences they want students to have. The simulator also facilitates the development of problem-solving skills, which is a critical component of a 21st-century skill set. 2019-07-02 The Challenges of Managing Workloads in Multicloud Environments in the tech industry have identified solutions — “single pane of glass” monitoring, increasing the technology operating near workloads — that can make multicloud environment more sustainable. Enterprise Strategy NetScout’s Russ Currie, Cisco’s Fabio Gori and Veeam’s Danny Allan discuss how their organizations are helping to lead this effort.2019-07-02 Cisco Live 2019: Cyberattacks Emerge Against the Internet Itself's threat intel group Talos discovered a Domain Name System attack that its director calls ‘incredibly concerning.2019-07-02 Cisco Live 2019: Global Academy’s Most Elite Students Get Chance of a Lifetime of the Cisco Live Dream Team, sponsored by CDW, help manage the IT operations of Cisco's premier technology event.2019-07-02 Enabling the Bank Workforce for the New Customer Experience see the future of retail banking emerging in branches around the country. Fewer tellers are supplemented with advanced technology, and increasingly, mobile experiences bridge the gap between the consumer and the branch itself. 2019-06-25 Closing Soon: Open Enrollment for Employee Stock Purchase Plan have until June 16 to enroll in ESPP (or adjust your contribution) to buy Cisco shares at a discount.2019-06-14 Catch up on All the News From Cisco Live’s your one-stop shop for culture, technology, and innovation news from the year’s biggest tech event, Cisco Live. 2019-06-14 From the Bike to the Boardroom Elliott shares five leadership lessons that she learned from an unexpected place, her Peloton.2019-06-13 Doing Good and Taking Names at Cisco Live just four days, we made it possible to feed 7,500 people. Check out our social impact in San Diego and how you can help too.2019-06-13 Win-Wins: Customer Stories at Cisco Live how we help the homeless, delight gamers, and unlock the power of IoT.2019-06-13 Cisco Live 2019: How Businesses Can Secure Data in the Cloud — and with It security cameras to SD-WAN, Cisco offers security for a cloud-first world.2019-06-13 Changing Lives Through Education Technology University of North Carolina at Pembroke and Lewisville ISD in Texas are changing the lives of students, faculty and staff and Cisco technology is helping to educate the next generation for the future of work. 2019-06-12 Extending IoT to the Most Remote, Harsh Environments’ve unveiled products that guarantee our network goes wherever our customers’ businesses go, including the extreme IoT edge.2019-06-12 Our Smart Network Just Went Genius AI and ML software turbo charges our intent-based network, making it smarter, simpler, safer, and speedier. And customers happier.2019-06-12 Webex Gets the AI Treatment how cognitive collaboration sucks the friction out of meetings, messaging, and calls.2019-06-12 Worth the Wait Cisco Live this week, DevNet unleashes the biggest changes to certifications in 26 years.2019-06-12 Intruders, Medical Emergencies, and Phantom Webex-ers. All In a Day’s Work about the team that’s got all of its eyes on keeping us all safe and secure at work.2019-06-11 Our Security Business Is Heating Up growing 21 percent in Q3, our Security business is on fire with lots of announcements this week at Cisco Live.2019-06-11 Hey, What Happened at Cisco Live? the latest buzz from the folks on the ground in San Diego. All the news, videos, and images in one spot.2019-06-11 Network Infrastructure: The Key to Retail Modernization paraphrase Mark Twain, the death of traditional retail has been greatly exaggerated. A majority of goods transacted in the U.S. in 2018 were sold in brick-and-mortar stores, according to all available analysis. But, of course, traditional retailers cannot ignore the constant disruption occurring in their industry. Digital’s share of retail has nearly tripled in a decade.2019-06-11 The Journey Continues in Customer Experience Martinez shares the latest news from Cisco Live in our quest for customer success.2019-06-11 Watch Cisco Live — LIVE!'t miss a moment of our biggest customer event, streaming live.2019-06-10 IT and OT Convergence is Required for Digital Transformation factors drive a company's focus and initiatives when it comes to running their business. Improving shareholder return, maximizing profits, lowering costs, providing a great place to work, and a focus on customer satisfaction are a few of the main areas that we see when talking to our clients.2019-06-10 Human Machine Interface: An Issue of Trust of the many unique aspects of the manufacturing industry is its diversity of operating systems in terms of purpose, vintage and version. Besides the real-time operating system of controls, you could argue the only other operating system within manufacturing is Windows. Although that is technically untrue, Windows certainly covers greater than 90 percent of the installed base.2019-06-10 Yes, We’re Doing Facial Recognition — But You’ll Still Own Your Face answer five questions you might have about our new Cisco Webex Meetings upcoming Facial Recognition feature.2019-06-07 Meeting My Pride Family at AppDynamics, Leslie Bamburg wondered if she would fit in. She found belonging through our Pride organization.2019-06-07