Cisco Americas Network AnnouncementsMon, 18 Mar 2019 21:00:20 -0700It’s Time to Enter! Join the 13th Annual April Fools’ Patent Contest again Cisco Legal's IP Team gives you a chance to test drive the Cisco Patents On-Line (CPOL) system. Enter by March 22!2019-03-15 People@Cisco: Get to Know Amy Chang loves technology and Star Trek and believes in the power of building something with meaning and impact, like cool collaboration products.2019-03-14 What Is Fog Computing? Tech That Can Spur Government IT Modernization agencies are moving to the cloud and are also increasingly adopting edge computing solutions. But what sits between the cloud and the edge? Fog computing. Cisco's Grimt Habtemariam, federal cloud strategist at Cisco Systems, and Marcus Moffett, a senior systems engineer explain the difference and describe how fog computing can help government agencies modernize IT. 2019-03-14 Join CRN Channel Madness: Help Cisco Partners Finish on Top's annual Channel Madness bracket is out. Vote now!2019-03-14 Celebrating 30 Years of Possible … and Beyond look at how the web has redefined our world — and why the digital innovations of the next 30 years demand a shared responsibility.2019-03-13 Between Building a House and Building a Life, There’s Joy. Joy Bradley, the biggest changes begin with the smallest steps.2019-03-13 Win-Wins: Customer Success Is Our Success how we secure the world’s largest airport, connect millions of tons of cargo, beef up networks, and more.2019-03-12 Are Federal Agencies Ready for a Secure Hybrid Cloud? is the year of the hybrid cloud for federal CIOs. Cisco Federal Civilian Director Walter Maikish and Federal Security Manager Doug Cowan discuss what federal agencies need to keep in mind to be successful in a hybrid cloud environment. "Knowing what’s on the network, how it’s being used and by whom is essential before security protocols for a hybrid cloud environment can be correctly set up." 2019-03-12 Better Facilitating Hybrid Cloud for Federal Agencies Federal Civilian Director Walter Maikish and Federal Security Manager Doug Cowan discuss how CDM adoption guidelines can help agency IT teams set up a successful hybrid cloud environment. 2019-03-12 The Beat Is Back — Irving Hosts for the First Time! the Cisco Beat on March 19 as we share innovation news, talk more about Conscious Culture, and reveal contest winners.2019-03-11 Get Your Security News Right Here! out what happened at the RSA Conference, including the many reasons why we’re the better choice for security.2019-03-11 Ready to Get Your Hands Dirty? your community of builders and innovators. Form or join a team to participate in the global network of Cisco thingQbator makerspaces.2019-03-11 Three Factors to Smart City Security city official wants to see the growth of their smart city initiatives hindered by poor cybersecurity. Here are three ways CIOs can ensure security while benefiting from connected technology.2019-03-10 Smart City of the Future San Antonio House Chronicles host Llewellyn King travels to San Antonio, Tex., for the City of the Future event in San Antonio and interviews Guy Diedrich and Rebecca Chisolm of Cisco Systems on smart city benefits and technology.2019-03-10 Mythbusters Springs into Action Agent 01100011 has returned. The mission? To debunk Cisco myths and set the record straight.2019-03-08 Trending! Top Tweets from Women of Impact“Your dreams matter” and more wisdom in 280 characters or less. Check out posts from this week’s global event.2019-03-08 Maria Martinez: Sponsorship Fuels a Rich and Diverse Pipeline Multiplier Effect asks leaders to sponsor at least one extraordinary diverse candidate and challenge their peers to do the same.2019-03-08 Cisco Culture: It’s About More Than Just the Numbers construction crew in Gainesville, Georgia just did something amazing. They’re all Cisco employees who came together over the course of 12 weeks to change a family’s life for the better. 2019-03-07 John Graham and Cisco's "First Team" Honoree for Cloud Computing year, Automation World magazine uses and open-ended survey of automation professionals to ask them who their favorite suppliers are for technology. For 2019, Cisco was selected as a first team honoree for Cloud Computing.2019-03-07 10 Things That Are Not on the Internet World Wide Web is turning 30. Here are some things you just can’t find there.2019-03-07 Recognizing Our Powerful Women: Today and Beyond As the 2019 Women of the Year - awarded by Women in Communications and Technology, Rola Dagher challenges her fellow leaders and colleagues to support the women, encourage their success and enable them further with mentorship and sponsorship. 2019-03-07 Cisco Forms Partnership with Habitat for Humanity employees from North and South America have recently traveled to Georgia to help build homes as part of a new national partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Cisco provided the funding and volunteers from their Americas sales team to help construct the homes over 12 week-long builds. 2019-03-06 Cisco Volunteers Help Build Habitat Home in Forsyth County Systems employees from North and South America have traveled to Georgia to help build homes with two families as part of a new national partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Cisco provided funding and volunteers from its Americas sales team helped construct the houses. 2019-03-06 Google, Cisco, and a Billion New Friends partnership with Google Station aims to bring stable, public internet connectivity to 1 billion people as we expand the world's digital economy.2019-03-06 Do You Walk the Chalk? an example — big or small — on the virtiual chalkboard of how our Guiding Principles guide you at work.2019-03-05 NC Networking Academy Empowers Women in IT Networking Academy graduate Megan Chapman details her journey from student at Stanly Community College to IT professional crediting Cisco's Networking Academy program with empowering women in IT. 2019-03-04 One Team, One Cisco Family Viall shares why “Hug a Day” can help you live life to the fullest and make the world a better place. #HugaDay #LiveLikeHannah2019-03-04 Calling All Angels! Time to Earn Your Wings. last day to invest your token for this year’s Innovate Everywhere Challenge is quickly approaching. Help cultivate Cisco’s culture of innovation.2019-03-04 Cryptojacking Targets Education security reports that education is among one of the top verticals affected by a newer form of nefarious cybercrime. Malicious cryptomining or cryptojacking, as it's called, describes the theft of computer processing resources — electricity, cloud services and other digital assets — that are then exploited to do cryptocurrency mining without the owner's permission or knowledge.2019-03-01 Anticipating the Unknowns the world of cybersecurity, unknowns are everywhere. Our latest findings show more threats are slipping through.2019-02-28