Cisco Americas Network AnnouncementsTue, 20 Nov 2018 17:55:55 -0800Conflict-Free. Blockchain-Rich.’re using blockchain to validate that the minerals used in our products come from conflict-free sources.2018-11-20 Stop Boring People with Your Generic Out-of-Office Reply season is fast approaching, so follow these handy, creative tips and spruce up your generic message.2018-11-20 Firmed Up Your Holiday Shopping Plans Yet? revamped, the Cisco Store offers discounted merchandise — and a blueprint for retail stores of the future.2018-11-20 You Don’t Have to be Amazon to Create a Frictionless Retail Experience new normal in retail comes down to one simple concept, ease of purchase. The longer the list of obstacles that stand between your product and your customer, the less likely your customer is to complete a transaction or return for another. But let me let you in on a secret. Its okay, you can still thrive even if you’re not Amazon. 2018-11-20 500 IT Execs, 120 Emerging Leaders, Together Supporting I&D how we empowered the next generation of tech leaders at the Hispanic IT Executive Council summit.2018-11-19 Don't Be Quick to Judge. Be Quick to Offer Help. my brother and his mental health. It's not easy, but it's worth it.2018-11-16 Five Steps to Effectively Engage Your Partners in Digital Enterprise Transformation keeping pace with digital transformation in financial services today, the journey between A and Z is long—but the time organizations have to get it right is short. It’s no secret that the path to industry innovation can pose more challenges than in other sectors. Evolving global regulation and standards require a higher degree of forethought, due diligence and certainty about the effectiveness of every solution introduced. The margin for error is…well, in truth there isn’t one. In the weeks before 2019, technology simply moves too fast. 2018-11-16 Six-Minute Summary: Get Kelly’s Top Takeaways from Q1 Margins. Cash flow. Earnings per share. Want more details and color? Our CFO covers every aspect of our strong first quarter.2018-11-15 Q1 FY19 Financial Results Summary thanks everyone for our great start to FY19 — check out our results and what's ahead.2018-11-14 Q1 FY19 Earnings Information for Leaders the materials to help your team understand our Q1 FY19 earnings and have a conversation with your team around them.2018-11-14 What An Exciting and Productive Region We Are Part Of! off the press! As you will have seen from the global earnings announcement, we had a bumper start to FY19, with a strong Q1 result. 2018-11-14 APJC Q1 FY19 Performance Update on a great start to the fiscal year. The company returned strong results for the quarter, and APJC was the highest growth geography globally this quarter, so well done team!2018-11-14 The Network, Partner Summit, and the Next Big Leap've come out soaring at Partner Summit with SD-WAN innovations and an expanded Catalyst portfolio to drive new growth.2018-11-13 Take a Bite Out of Collaboration and Security News up a chair and snack on some Cisco happenings this week, from Partner Summit and beyond.2018-11-13 Adding Context to the Catalyst, SD-WAN News: A Chat with Scott Networking Business SVP Scott Harrell talks Catalyst revamp, SD-WAN, and where we stand in our IBN journey.2018-11-13 Diversity, Inclusion, Equality — Be Yourself McKay shares her story of how she is NOT the same, and that’s OK. Our culture encourages her to be her true authentic self.2018-11-13 Between Hope and Possible, There’s a Bridge bridge to possible. One company. One promise. If you can imagine it, we can build the bridge to get you there.2018-11-13 3 Steps to Retain and Motivate Top Federal Talent today’s very competitive world, it is often difficult to find and retain great talent. Cisco's CTO Dan Kent outlines three key motivators for top talent to help government agencies retain the great resources they have. And money is not one of them. Read the full article in GovLoop. 2018-11-13 Cybersecurity: A great Opportunity for Veterans from the military today doesn't need to be scary like it used to be, as jobs are plentiful and skills acquired in the military are more useful outside of the military than ever. Cisco CTO Dan Kent describes his own experience transitioning from the service to civilian life. He gives resources for veterans looking to train in the ever-growing industry of cybersecurity. 2018-11-13 Love. Connections. Technology. the story behind our company and the bridges we build. It began with a basic human desire — the need to connect.2018-11-12 Vote Now — Let’s Put Our CEO on Top!’s the top mover and shaker in the telecom industry? Is there any doubt? Take 30 seconds and vote for Chuck today.2018-11-09 California Wildfires: Donate to the Relief Effort have launched a $100,000 disaster relief campaign to benefit the American Red Cross’ emergency response activities.2018-11-09 Tune In to the Q1 Earnings Call Today with analysts and investors as Chuck and Kelly discuss our financial results and forecast, starting at 1:30 p.m. PST.2018-11-09 Take an Employee-Only First Look shares our story and our latest tech. Watch it come to life and share your thoughts.2018-11-08 This Veterans Day, Thank a Veteran (and His or Her Family) Veterans Day, November 11, 2018 marks the 100th anniversary of Armistice Day, which signaled the end of World War I. Many countries recognize Armistice Day as a time to honor veterans and to remember those who have given the ultimate sacrifice during their service. 2018-11-08 The Cloud Just Got Way More Interesting’re partnering with cloud powerhouse Amazon Web Services (AWS) on a solution that will fuel our multicloud business.2018-11-08 How to Empower Your Workforce to Create Repeat Loyalists industry faces disruption as acutely as retail right now. Online-only retailers are challenging every piece of a retail puzzle that has not changed much in the last century. How do traditional retailers grow market share and revenue? Upon first glance, faster shipping and more customized in-store experiences seem like the most obvious answers. There is one critical component that retailers tend to overlook, however: workforce productivity. 2018-11-08 Find Out What Chuck Just Revealed! It’s still secret until November 13.2018-11-08 Vote Now for Your Community Hero this moment to choose who gets the ultimate recognition.2018-11-08 Take 5 Minutes, Give 5 Dollars a positive impact today. Sign up to Bridge the Poverty Gap.2018-11-08