Cisco Americas Network AnnouncementsSat, 24 Aug 2019 08:55:06 -0700Enabling the Bank Workforce for the New Customer Experience see the future of retail banking emerging in branches around the country. Fewer tellers are supplemented with advanced technology, and increasingly, mobile experiences bridge the gap between the consumer and the branch itself. 2019-06-25 Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure, with its Focus on AI and Machine Learning, is a Data Center Solution for Financial Institutions of All Sizes is rapidly evolving, particularly in the financial services sector, where there are increasingly automated services and greater customer expectations for speed and convenience. Cisco Systems seeks to help companies stay ahead of the technology curve with programs like its Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI). Cisco ACI is a data center solution that employs AI and machine learning to provide thorough, quick, and secure services to its clients, so they can pass along great service to their customers. 2019-01-30 How Enterprise-Level Firms Should Approach Data, Automation, Blockchain to Al talk about data, automation, and blockchain during an interview at Money 20/20, the fintech event where technology meets money, money meets people, people meet ideas, and ideas become reality. 2018-11-30 Five Steps to Effectively Engage Your Partners in Digital Enterprise Transformation keeping pace with digital transformation in financial services today, the journey between A and Z is long—but the time organizations have to get it right is short. It’s no secret that the path to industry innovation can pose more challenges than in other sectors. Evolving global regulation and standards require a higher degree of forethought, due diligence and certainty about the effectiveness of every solution introduced. The margin for error is…well, in truth there isn’t one. In the weeks before 2019, technology simply moves too fast. 2018-11-16 The Future of Money is... week, I had the chance to attend Money 20/20, the Coachella of financial technology. Over four days in Las Vegas, I heard from more than 100 speakers and met with dozens of executives, investors, and entrepreneurs working to define and create the future of money. So, what is that future? And how do we get there? To find out, I posed three questions to attendees. 2018-11-06 Cisco Awarded Top 5 Rank by IDC in Financial Services award is in recognition of Cisco’s continued focus on the FinTech sector and helping our customer adopt the NG technology. We spend every day working with our Financial Services customer to adopt a Digital transformation strategy, however in today’s market it is not enough to just have a Digital strategy. You also need to have a Digital Ready Network platform that will enable you to execute and deliver on that Digital strategy.2018-11-06 Fintech Moves from Banking Disruptor to Collaborator you can’t beat them, work with them. That’s one clear message coming from the Money 20/20 USA conference in Las Vegas this week as representatives from large financial institutions rubbed shoulders with fintech startup founders in an effort to sort through the future of money. 2018-10-25 DataScan Protects its Customers – and its Reputation – with a Secure Network is a great example of a company that is being proactive about security. 2018-10-24 Every Day, an Average of Three U.S. Bank Branches Close their Doors for Good theory, the decline makes sense. Consumers with supercomputers in their pockets no longer need face-to-face interactions to complete basic financial transactions. They can do everything that used to be a part of weekly trips to their neighborhood branch directly from the comfort of their living room.2018-10-22 The Path to Digital Leadership in Financial Services: Collaboration with FinTech financial services industry continues to weather near-constant change, and it is clear a digital storm has touched down. A digital-first movement to some degree lead by the explosion of fintech companies, is taking hold in mainstream financial services. Statista estimates fintechs in the U.S. will secure over $4.5 billion from investors of all kind in 2018.2018-03-23 Is Your Financial Service Firm's Defensive Strategy Stuck in the Past?’s that time of the year again. The annual month where suddenly everyone is a college basketball expert; March Madness. This past weekend, I found myself glued to my television set watching as teams played one another hoping for the win and their chance to enter the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. The college game has changed drastically since I played.2018-03-15 Blockchain: Nimble, Valuable & Ubiquitous the past decade, blockchain technology has moved from a technological, mathematical and economic curiosity to an emerging, viable tool that can drive industrial growth and financial inclusivity. While the technology has fueled excitement primarily in finance, it has the potential to bring value to a host of other industries. 2018-03-12 Do You Want to be a Digital Leader? new thought leadership piece produced by Roubini ThoughtLab outlines the steps financial services institutions need to take if they want to be digital leaders in the space. The path to digital leadership was produced in conjunction with a series of companies including Cisco. Roubini ThoughtLab staff surveyed 1,503 providers from around the world and conducted 42 interviews with senior executives from financial institutions, consultancies and technology firms.2017-11-17 Money is Stressful; Banks and Fintechs Need to Go Beyond Basic Payments to Focus on Saving and Investment was a time when you banked at your local branch in your community, and with a bit of luck you got free checking and a toaster upon opening an account. End of story. Today, it’s a consumer’s field day for finance. There are online banks with no branches, companies that specialize in minding your finances, others that help you invest or obtain credit. 2017-11-10 IDC Financial Insights Reveals 2017 FinTech Rankings and Real Results Financial Insights today announced the 2017 IDC FinTech Rankings and Real Results, the 14th and 3rd annual respectively. The annual IDC FinTech Rankings evaluate global technology providers of hardware, software, and IT services. This analysis of revenues derived from the financial services industry creates meaningful rankings and puts the information in the context of industry trends that affect both the institutions that buy technology and the companies that provide IT solutions to the industry. 2017-09-20 Cisco Placed Third on 2017 IDC FinTech Rankings Enterprise Top 25’s Mission Statement is to shape the future of the Internet by creating unprecedented value and opportunity for our customers, employees, investors, and ecosystem partners. We don’t set out to be recognized; however, receiving recognition for our impact in the industries we serve is an extraordinary moment. Each year, global research firm IDC recognizes IT providers that have enabled a genuine, measurable, and future-enabling change at a client financial institution (bank, capital markets firm, or insurer) in the worldwide financial services industry with its IDC Fintech Rankings. 2017-09-14 The Biggest Challenge is How to Reskill People: The Risks of Financial Automation it’s clear automation will change financial services, it’s not always clear how. After all, the automated teller machine was arguably the last real innovation that took place in banking. But there are many more, behind-the-scenes processes that can be automated for greater efficiency and cost savings in product control, management reporting, account opening processes and data access initiatives — among many other things.2017-09-07 Transform Your Financial Services customer engagement, empower your workforce, and improve operations with a network that is constantly learning. Constantly adapting. Constantly protecting. Cisco Digital Network Architecture (DNA)​​ makes network management simple, intelligent, and automated. Use it to personalize customer experiences and manage risk and compliance. This is a new era of networking. The Network. Intuitive.​ 2017-08-16 6 Cyber-Threats for Financial Firms in 2017: Cisco services firms in particular are “lucrative targets for online criminals,” according to Cisco’s 2017 Midyear Cybersecurity Report. Malware authors are specifically targeting financial firms with malware like Dridex and the Zeus Trojan, according to the report.2017-08-14 Bank Cybersecurity May Need a New Mindset don’t just make a bank dysfunctional. They can also make it more vulnerable to cyberattacks. So say security experts who find the lack of standardized, centralized procedures for cybersecurity at many banks alarming. According to a study released last month by Cisco Systems, only 48% of financial services organizations polled even have a standardized information security policy.2017-08-08 Finance is going digital. Are you ready to embrace the opportunity? financial services industry (FSI) is in the midst of an evolutionary shift. Changes in customer behaviors, skyrocketing expectations, constant disruption, new technologies, and digitization throughout the business model are affecting organizations at every level. How can a business keep up with this change and remain on top of costs, increase revenue, and mitigate risk all at the same time? 2017-06-26 Financial Services at CiscoLive! 2017 Transformation. Digitization. Change…. The speed at which new developments are occurring in technology is incessant, and it is not a stretch to say; no industry is experiencing a more significant reinvention than financial services. Every aspect of this expansive industry is undergoing dramatic change as technology enables new opportunities for those who are nimble and presents a considerable threat to those who are slow to embrace change. 2017-06-23 Cisco DNA for Financial Services: The Answer is in the Network can financial services companies meet the competing pressures to speed up digitization, comply with every increasing regulation and reduce costs? The answer is in the network – the digital ready, self-learning, self-healing and secure network. Running a bank or insurance company is becoming increasingly difficult and risky due to the proliferation of digital devices, the industrialization of cybercrime, the pressure to move faster in a digital age and the wave of new regulation coming down the track.2017-06-22