Cisco Americas Network AnnouncementsWed, 23 Jan 2019 10:48:49 -0800Questionable Headlines Can Drive Bad Security Decisions is hard enough without your executives knee-jerking to the latest FUD (fear, uncertainty, and doubt) filled headlines and demanding answers or solutions to problems you either already solved or don’t even apply. It gets worse when those headlines themselves are in error and your over-subscribed teams end up burning time you don’t have, or even worse, altering sound thoughtful policy just to give a positive “fixed it” answer to the wrong question.2018-12-21 Intent-Based Industrial Networks networks today are massive and pass quite a bit of unutilized data. These networks also have a lot of equipment on them that, from time to time, is moved around where the plant floor is re-optimized to make people and machinery more efficient. 2018-12-05 Join Cisco at Automation Fair 2018 city of brotherly love will become the center of manufacturing this fall as Automation Fair comes into town, November 14-15 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center in Philadelphia. Just like in the past, the two days will be packed with be vendors, forums, hands-on labs, technical sessions and an opportunity to network with your industry peers. The entire two days are also free to attend. 2018-11-06 Turn Fear into an Advantage is the season for scary Halloween movies, and the most terrifying ones are often about the unknown. It’s easy to grasp a frightening ghost, monster, or some lunatic chasing after a group of folks whose van broke down in the wrong town. However, the unknown allows for another level of paranoia because you never know what’s coming next. 2018-10-22 Security, Yes, Cameras Provide Other Value cameras have long been used in many different business settings to protect against theft and keep an eye out for suspicious behavior. Only fairly recently, though, have manufacturers recognized the unique value cameras can bring to warehouses, distribution centers, and factory floors.2018-09-27 Magnifying Visibility in OT Environment to large-sized enterprises have, for many years, built the operational technology (OT) environment like an egg – a hard exterior protected by traditional security elements such as firewalls, IDS/IPS, and malware detection (if you are lucky) with a soft interior leaving critical operational assets at risk against advanced threats and non-existent visibility. 2018-08-27 Determinism on the Shop Floor recently, communications technologies like Ethernet and OPC Unified Architecture (UA) have experienced limited success in supporting complex industrial processes with real-time requirements. This, in turn, has restricted the applications discrete and process manufacturers could adopt. New developments, however, promise to address these shortcomings. 2018-08-27 Know Your Vendor Before a Partnership Internet of Things (IIoT) deployments are prone to breaches due to minimal security. This state of affairs is because – in addition to the intelligent connected sensors and machines that make up the Internet of Things (IoT) – IIoT is also comprised of everything in the industrial world that predates the dawn of IT. 2018-07-25 Why Middle Market Manufacturers Might be the Solution of us have heard the pros and cons of big and small manufacturers. Big manufacturers typically have greater access to capital, more advanced technology and more relationships. Small manufacturers tend to be quicker to respond to consumer demands. But what we haven’t heard much about are the middle market manufacturers. Cisco's Eric Ehlers is featured in this roundup article.2018-07-20 Manufacturing In the Middle: Growth, Opportunity and New Challenges is no one size fits all view when it comes to manufacturing. Large, advanced plants are using a plethora of advanced manufacturing processes, robots and data as a core part of their operations. There are emerging startups who are lean and able to respond to changing customer demands quickly. Then there are also a lot of companies in the middle, ranging from around 10 million in revenue up to 1 billion in revenue and are a significant impact on the overall economy.2018-07-05 With Changing Rules, Knowledge is Key to Digitizing Factories is no single route to digital success in Manufacturing. That was quite clear to me from listening the many keynotes and panels during Cisco’s first regional Digital Manufacturing Summit in Seoul late May. Everyone had a different approach, strategy or partnership solution. Although the speakers agreed on many things; how they managed data, why they made certain digital decisions and how they chose to optimize operations varied – sometimes slightly but frankly frequently a great deal! 2018-06-28 How Beam Suntory is Taking Bourbon High Tech is famous for fried chicken, tobacco and thoroughbreds, and it produces about 95% of the world's bourbon. While this amber liquid is steeped in tradition, one manufacturer is learning a few new high-tech tricks. At Beam Suntory, the key is using digital manufacturing from Rockwell Automation and Cisco to change its business models, improve efficiencies, streamline logistics and update its network.2018-06-25 IIoT is Here, but Learn to Secure’s a fact: Most people are worried about data breaches. While 42 percent of respondents appreciate the value that can be delivered with Internet of Things (IoT) data, only 9 percent consider their data secure, according to a Cisco IoT Value/Trust Paradox report, based on a survey of 3,000 consumers.2018-06-25 Artificial Intelligence is Already Behind Your Next Beer is changing all industries. A clear example of this is that even the manufacturers of alcoholic beverages have had to adopt digital tools and solutions to improve their production, logistics and security. Beam Suntory's Amon Hogue, global senior network architect, talks about how they are working with Cisco and Rockwell Automation to improve their processes and automate a large part of them.2018-06-20 Driving Production Efficiency with Data's Eric Ehlers is quoted in an A&S International article, “Driving Production Efficiency with Data.” He talks about how data can be used to drive enhanced supply chain utilization and prototyping of new products:2018-06-20 Cisco Live 2018: Avoiding Distillery Explosions with Cybersecurity remote access hacks into distilleries able to cause not only data-related and economic damage but also actual explosions, Beam Suntory said it realised the importance of protecting its networks against outside threats. Speaking during Cisco Live 2018 in Orlando this week, the company's global senior network architect Amon Hogue explained how Beam Suntory -- which produces alcohols including Maker's Mark and Jim Beam -- is now able to allow IT experts to access its networks remotely.2018-06-19 How Beam Suntory Uses Cisco Technology to Streamline Logistics and Improve its Network can disrupt and transform, and there's no better example than Beam Suntory, a 200-plus year old company that manufacturers wine and spirits. Beam Suntory Senior Network Global Architect Amon Hogue talks about how the company is using Cisco solutions to keep their company on the cutting edge of technology. 2018-06-19 Beam Suntory Taps into Cisco's Security Portfolio to Keep Distilleries Safe more than 80 distilleries and plants around the world, Beam Suntory is working with Cisco to keep data breaches and high-proof explosions at bay. Speaking on a panel during Cisco Live last week in Orlando, Florida, Beam Suntory's Amon Hogue spoke about how his company hardened its network against hackers while also giving remote access to experts to fix problems.2018-06-18 Reliance Beyond Your System are the security boundaries of your systems? How much control do you really have? These are the questions a good number of pipeline, electric utilities and more found themselves asking this April when a small but critical data exchange company in Dallas was attacked. Pipeline customers found themselves unable to respond in a timely manner to service requests they traditionally had. Fortunately, nobody was in imminent danger – the physical pipeline was fine and under control (despite some misleading headlines to the contrary). 2018-05-29 Industrial Security and the Art of Defense Tzu’s the Art of War is a famous book known for insights from the Chinese philosopher with a guided focus on leadership, strategy and military theories. While the book is renowned for many insights into warfare tactics, it also provides some good insight into defensive strategies that are helpful when thinking about industrial security. 2018-05-22 Interoperability Demands Drive Networking Technology Developments look at some of the advances being made in networking infrastructure, communication standards, wiring and more to provide for easier interoperability. As manufacturers transition to digital enterprises, the structure and capabilities of their networks will play an ever greater role in their ability to produce the right products, get increased leverage from their supply chains and profitably grow their customer base. 2018-05-17 How to Improve a Manufacturer’s Security Posture is no secret Industry 4.0 offers great promise for manufacturers to optimize business operations. The key, however, to any successful Industry 4.0 project lies in the factory data. Without data, extracted from a myriad of sources, delivered to the right application, at the right time, along with analysis of that data, little optimization can happen.2018-04-30 Cream Rises to the Top prides themselves on making ‘not just any yoghurt’. They stand out in the dairy aisle by bringing the highest quality ingredients and recipes to the shelves. But Noosa knew that to produce the best product, they needed the best processes and the best equipment. So in 2015, they invested five million in a plant upgrade. It paid off. Sales spiked, and so did the size of the company’s operations. 2018-04-23 Rockwell Automation to Showcase Digital Transformation Advances at Hannover Messe 2018 companies are taking Industrie 4.0 concepts from the drawing board to the production floor to bring new value to their operations. Rockwell Automation will demonstrate how it can help companies accelerate this digital transformation and use Industrial IoT technologies to be even more competitive at Hannover Messe 2018, April 23-27 in Hannover, Germany.2018-04-23 Securely Deploy Cloud and Mobile Technologies with New Network Guidance Automation and Cisco have released new network design guides and white papers to help companies connect mobile devices and deploy end-to-end cloud connectivity while maintaining security best practices. The guides give companies best practices for wired and wireless network architectures when deploying cloud and mobile industrial IoT solutions. The free resources are the latest addition to the Converged Plantwide Ethernet (CPwE) program.2018-04-23 Digital Transformation in Manufacturing: IT/OT Convergence transformation of businesses is inevitable. Every industry sector is going through it, and witnessing firsthand the opportunities it can open up. Corporations in Southeast Asia are poised to be the biggest beneficiaries as digitization is enabling them to be more productive, reduce operational costs and scale their business more effectively. 2018-04-06 Network Convergence is Key to IIoT Success Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) offers the promise for manufacturers of optimized business operations. The key to any successful IIoT project lies in the factory data. Without data, extracted from a myriad of sources, delivered to the right application, at the right time – little optimization can happen. There is a huge amount of useful data trapped within plant floor equipment, including run-time, equipment condition, performance, and quality data. Seamless access to this data is needed to make better business decisions in the plant. 2018-03-30 Network Convergence is Key to IIoT Success Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) offers the promise for manufacturers of optimised business operations. The key to any successful IIoT project lies in the factory data. Without data, extracted from a myriad of sources, delivered to the right application, at the right time – little optimisation can happen. There is a huge amount of useful data trapped within plant floor equipment, including run-time, equipment condition, performance, and quality data. Seamless access to this data is needed to make better business decisions in the plant. 2018-03-30 Security, Connectivity: A Tight Balancing Act advancements such as predictive maintenance, process optimization, and employee safety continue to drive the need for greater connectivity in industrial environments. Meanwhile, intellectual property theft and unplanned downtime continue to be caused by cyber-attacks, both targeted and not.2018-03-28 Rockwell Automation on the Move Automation On The Move is a free two-day event where you can discover new manufacturing solutions through technical sessions and hands-on labs. With solutions for end users, equipment builders, system integrators and more, this event is a great educational opportunity for you and your company.2018-03-19