Cisco Americas Network AnnouncementsSun, 18 Nov 2018 10:39:56 -0800Inspiring students to become global problem solvers from a middle school educator on Cisco's new education corporate social responsibility program Global Problem Solver: The Series and its benefits to students. 2018-08-31 Universities Integrate Smartboards to Promote Collaboration on Campus of Wisconsin-Whitewater's Eric Loepp, a political science professor at UW-Whitewater Webex uses Webex Boards and Teams as a way to get students involved. Later this year, UW-Whitewater plans to expand its implementation of Webex Boards and Teams.2018-08-17 ISTE 2018: Cisco Uses Animation to Inspire Students to Enact Global Change debuts its animated Global Problem Solvers: The Series to encourage K-12 students to use critical thinking and entrepreneurial spirit to solve real world problems through STEM. Phoenix educator Edgar Ochoa piloted the program with his 8th grade social studies students. And the results? “Once we let their imaginations fly, the results were unbelievable,” Ochoa said. 2018-06-29 Monday at ISTE 2018: Cisco unveils corporate social responsibility ed initiative't make it to Chicago? EducationDive recapped the show's most interesting events and announcements including Cisco's debut of Global Problem Solvers: The Series--a new corporate social responsibility ed initiative.2018-06-27 Q&A: Rod Houpe Uses Evidence to Drive Change in Schools Metropolitan School District’s CIO Rod Houpe says K–12 districts need to drive digital transformation using organizational change management. Houpe recently published a white paper, “Mastering Organizational Change Management to Drive Digital Transformation in Education,” in conjunction with Cisco's Director of Education Renee Patton and Sonny Magana. Key to change management for schools is security and the Internet of Things.2018-05-30 Expanding the boundaries of the classroom through distance learning Public Sector Director of Education and former teacher Renee Patton contributes an article to EdScoop, "At Troy City Schools in New York, technology integration and digital learning have opened doors for students and educators." 2018-03-05 Telemedicine Saves Time, Money … and Lives an urban crisis threatens a city, emergency responders are quick to react. The question is, what if they are not quick enough? The result could be slower time to patient treatment, an unprepared and chaotic hospital, and most importantly the loss of patient lives. During a local incident of mass violence in Virginia, the University of Virginia (UVA) Telehealth team was able to use video collaboration to communicate between emergency responders with injured patients at the front line and physicians in the command center at the hospital.2018-03-01 Las Vegas CTO Demos Cisco Kinetic for Cities Sherwood, CTO of the City of Las Vegas, demonstrates to the press how the city is leveraging Cisco Kinetic for Cities.2018-01-25 Sin City Aims to Be the Next Tech Hub its quest to become a smart city, Las Vegas has implemented many new tech initiatives, including autonomous shuttles and WiFi-enabled street lamps. Here, Michael Sherwood, director of technology and innovation for the City of Las Vegas, talks with Light Reading Editor Mari Silbey about the city's partnership with Cisco, its road map for the future and how Las Vegas plans to become a premier destination for new tech companies.2018-01-18 The opioid crisis in correctional facilities – How connected treatment can help treatment technology can help correctional facilities offer services to inmates battling addiction from afar. By using secure video collaboration tools and video conferencing technology, incarceration facilities can provide inmates a secure connection to health professionals to help them through addiction treatments. As the topics are sensitive in nature, an embedded secure cloud-based call manager (CUCM) ensures private conversations remain secure.2018-01-04 ‘Classroom of the future is here today:’ Generous gift opens doors for YSU neurosurgeon Dr. Chander Kohli donated $1.1 million to Youngstown State for live video classroom technology. Dr. Kohli’s donation will buy 18 Cisco Spark Stations, one of which was demonstrated in a live video conference with Dr. Lance Ford — a teacher in Howe, Oklahoma, which has a population of 800. The classrooms where the Cisco Spark Systems will be installed will all be renamed the “Aneal Mohan Kohli Classroom of the Future,” in memory of Dr. Kohli’s late son.2017-12-30 Classroom of the Future Is Here Today State gifted funding for 18 Cisco Spark™ collaboration platforms, a live video classroom technology. Cisco Spark was demonstrated in a live video conference with Dr. Lance Ford — a teacher in Howe, Oklahoma and a Cisco education advocate. Cisco Spark – built with significant customer feedback and accessible from nearly every major mobile or desktop device - creates secure, virtual rooms where teams work together from anywhere. 2017-12-04 Brooklyn Public Library among 2017 Navigator Awards winners Public Library, NYC, is among 10 winners for its TeleStory, a library-based video visitation program designed for families separated by incarcerations.2017-11-17 Leveraging telemedicine to avoid ER visits Too many unnecessary ambulance trips in Houston. Solution. ETHAN courtesy of Dr. Michael Gonzalez of the Houston Fire Department, Cisco and Panasonic. Results? Houston residents get transportation that meets their needs and appropriate medical care for their conditions. 2017-11-14 Connected Tech is the New Engine for Public Safety Operations Nashville and Houston Fire Departments are highlighted by U.S. Public Sector Vice President Area Vice President for Cisco’s Eastern SLED markets Tony Morelli who explains how connected tech is the new engine for public safety operations. 2017-10-11 Brooklyn Public Library's Team is a Route Fifty Navigator Award finalist Higgins and the Brooklyn Public Library Team is a 2017 Route Fifty Navigator Award finalist in Agency and Department Leadership. The Brooklyn Public Library created TeleStory, a library-based video visitation program designed for families separated by incarcerations. Cisco Connected Justice video units are used primarily for video chats with attorneys. TeleStory has been beneficial, preventing trauma that many young children can experience from the barbed wire and the corrections environment they would encounter in-person and is a model program for other facilities. 2017-10-02 Houston's Mobile Telehealth Service Helps First Responders Streamline Care Houston Fire Department's Dr. Michael Gonzalez discusses its Emergency TeleHealth and Navigation program, or ETHAN, a tablet-based telemedicine service that uses Cisco Systems’ videoconferencing technology to allow patients and on-site emergency medical technicians to instantaneously video chat with physicians. After Harvey, ETHAN played a critical role in freeing up other fire department apparatuses to be able to respond to water emergencies.2017-09-29 Remote Health Care is the Future of Medicine care has a problem, and it goes well beyond the insurance questions and how everyday Americans can afford to pay for it. For generations, medical care in the US and around the world has looked more or less the same. Every year, we all make an appointment and visit our doctor. Beyond that, when something goes wrong and we aren’t feeling well, we make another appointment and go back to the office for another visit.2017-08-28 Incarcerated Population Education Programs Can Save Taxpayers Billions Chairman and Commissioner NY State Commission Of Corrections and current Cisco Senior Justice Advisor Daniel Stewart highlights data on how funding education tech programs for prisoners can save taxpayers billions. 2017-08-23 5 Ways Video Can Foster Teaching and Learning–12 districts use cameras on phones, tablets and notebooks to extend classroom learning, confer with experts and arrange conferences with colleges and prospective employers.2017-08-17 TeamTV brings teams together with an always-on video channel TV channel for remote and office workers alike can help bridge the awkwardness gap. 2017-07-31 Global Problem Solving to Benefit 1 Billion People 2016 Cisco committed to positively impact 1 billion people by 2025. 2017-07-31 Young French entrepreneur designs a smart scarf to help protect people from air pollution winning a Cisco sponsored innovation challenge, a young French entrepreneur created a smart scarf to help protect people from air pollution. 2017-07-25 Networking Academy graduate's journey goes full circle networking academy graduate goes from student, to instructor, to recruiter. 2017-07-11 Houston Emergency Services Uses Video to be More Efficient - Saving Thousands + Citizens a Trip to ER to learn how Houston is using IoT to serve more than 10,000 citizens, save thousands of dollars, take a load off its emergency response system and improve patient care.2017-07-05 Five Things Canadian Service Providers Need to Know from the Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Canada's Managing Director, Canadian Service Provider Sales, Jeffrey Maddox shares a few key takeaways from the Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI).2017-06-09 Cisco and iSchool Initiative – Teaming Up to Transform Education is an education company – providing the tools, expertise and passion to K-12 and higher education to enable students, teachers and administrators to learn and educate in the digital age. One of the ways Cisco is leading the education technology and collaboration space is through its work with iSchool initiative. 2017-06-08 Challenging Assumptions in Emergency Services of the best innovations start by asking: what if? What if our phones didn’t have to be attached to a wall? What if, instead of renting a hotel room, we could just stay in a complete stranger’s spare bedroom? What if every patient seen by an emergency responder didn’t have to ride in an ambulance to the hospital?2017-06-06 Toronto School Joining the Connected North Program to Expand Experiences for Students APTN's coverage of Connected North's launch at the First Nations School of Toronto, the first Toronto District School Board (TDSB) school to implement the program.2017-05-16 Houston Steers Cities Into Reducing 'Red Lights and Sirens' customer, the City of Houston's Fire Department, led by Dr. Michael Gonzalez, is featured in Governing Magazine for their innovative telemedicine program known as ETHAN or the Emergency TeleHealth and Navigation. Most 911 calls don't actually require a trip to the hospital. Instead, telemedicine can do the trick, and Houston's system is catching on among the country's paramedics.2017-05-12