Cisco Americas Network AnnouncementsWed, 23 Jan 2019 10:04:46 -0800Modernizing IT - A Network with Intent is the digital environment changing for the Public Sector and how does the network need to change in order to support it? Cisco CTO Dan Kent dives into what the network environment needs to look like in order for public sector organizations to continue in their IT modernization journey. 2018-12-18 Military Should Leverage AI to Sustain Mission Assurance reposted details from a byline from Cisco Defense Director Carl De Groote and Defense Strategist Chuck Louisell. The article highlights that the U.S. military should adopt AI, machine learning and in-line data analytics to sustain mission assurance and readiness. 2018-12-06 3 Steps to Retain and Motivate Top Federal Talent today’s very competitive world, it is often difficult to find and retain great talent. Cisco's CTO Dan Kent outlines three key motivators for top talent to help government agencies retain the great resources they have. And money is not one of them. Read the full article in GovLoop. 2018-11-13 Why Military Aircraft Maintenance Data is Increasingly Valuable Defense Expert Joe Beel's insight into how military aircraft maintenance data is becoming more valuable is shared with Rotor Review readers. Read the full article on pages 48 and 49 of the digital magazine. 2018-10-28 HIMSS Analytics Debuts Infrastructure Benchmarks Analytics introduced a maturity model to measure the technical infrastructure used within a health system, dubbed the "infrastructure adoption model," or INFRAM. Cisco has signed on to the program as an early certified consultant. Becker's Hospital Review has more details. 2018-10-28 Cisco’s Toronto innovation centre shines light on digital campus Innovation Centre co-located with Cisco’s Canadian headquarters in Toronto has played host to a number of different of types of solutions, but recently, it’s gone back to school...2018-10-01 Cisco unveils Education Room, talks future of technology in learning spaces WiFi technology that can collect student behaviour patterns to security cameras that keep schools safe, Cisco’s latest installment of the Education Room in its Innovation Centre focuses on the possibilities of emerging technology that can be used in universities and colleges.2018-09-26 Understanding and Attracting the Next-Gen Navy Sailor the Navy ensures sailors are challenged and excited by the technologies they’re using, these individuals might opt to stay in the service longer. Cisco Defense Expert Kelly Jones discusses on NextGov how every next-gen recruit should be seen as three different things: a cyber sailor, an ease-of-use sailor and a motivated sailor. 2018-09-05 Like a Hull Breach, Cyber Attacks Should Be Detected In Seconds global average for detecting a cybersecurity breach, is around six months. Imagine if it took that long for a physical breach on a ship to be discovered, let alone fixed. Cisco Defense Expert Kelly Jones outlines a cyber strategy to prepare for, survive and return to mission readiness after a cyber incident.2018-09-05 Comparing Modernizing Government to Remodeling a Home VP Larry Payne breaks down the idea of long-term technology investment for government agencies by comparing this change in IT to a home investment. When should agencies update it, when does it need remodeling and when should agencies completely modernize the space? has the answers. 2018-08-14 How Healthcare providers Can Take Advantage of IoT connecting medical devices to a network, a robust and secure infrastructure can usher in IoT initiatives for healthcare. Giving insight into the complexity of this type of environment, Healthcare Expert Troy Yoder says, "A hospital’s a very dense environment, with floors stacked on top of floors, and it’s a difficult wireless environment to get right." Staples Business Resource Center has more details.2018-08-09 Are We Missing the Forest with IT Modernization? CIO and Federal Expert Alan Balutis explains why we shouldn't be worried about the Technology Modernization Fund (TMF) not being included in the Senate version of the spending bill for fiscal 2019. His insights can be found in Federal News Radio.2018-08-09 Can Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) help agency IT leaders? Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) technology allows agency IT leaders to monitor and measure their data center optimization operations. Cisco CTO Dan Kent says, "Agency IT officials cannot figure out how to consolidate and optimize without knowing the equipment and data they have." More details at 2018-08-09 Military Maintenance Ready for Data-Driven Optimization Expert Joe Beel describes how the use of IoT system data can deliver enhanced visibility and efficient maintenance packaging. He says, "For the DOD, truly digitizing operations means maximizing the potential insights from MRO machine data." The full article is published in Aviation Today. 2018-08-08 Cybersecurity CTE Programs Like Cisco Networking Academy on the Rise programs that allow students to earn professional credentials or college credit are becoming increasingly popular at schools nationwide. Many of these schools have become a Cisco Networking Academy, allowing them to choose from an array of courses to fit a standard template of four total to provide professional or post-secondary credentials to students. Education Dive details the success of programs like the Cisco Networking Academy.2018-07-20 The Government Reorganization Plan - Finding a Way to the 21st Century remains a popular prescription for many of the ills of government. But little is known about what types of reorganization promote efficiency. Cisco Distinguished Fellow Alan Balutis breaks it down with a five-part plan to advance us towards a 21st century government. Details are at The Next-Generation Network Will Work Like the Nervous System Healthcare Director Barbara Casey talks next-generation network for healthcare with Healthcare IT News. She is quoted saying, "The old network was like the circulatory system, pumping blood to and away from the heart using a series of pipes. The next-generation network will work more like the nervous system, taking in sensory information, learning from it and changing its behavior based on its sensory environment." More insight from Casey and other healthcare experts shared with Healthcare IT News. 2018-07-11 Introducing Global Problem Solvers: The Series's Senior Vice President for Corporate Affairs Tae Yoo announces Global Problem Solvers: The Series, a new Cisco corporate social responsibility (CSR) educational initiative. The new animated series and supporting activities for middle schoolers are available at no cost in English, Spanish, Hindi and French at Cisco Live 2018: Intent-Based Networking Offers Flexibility and Innovation from REI and Montana State University speak about how they are using Cisco's intent-based, software-defined networking capabilities to transform their networks. 2018-06-15 Latin America is Accelerating Digital Readiness – and a Better Life for All Latin Americans collaborated with Gartner, Inc. on a new research study to determine how to effectively measure a country’s digital readiness and determine what interventions could help countries to advance their digital journey. 2018-06-06 Reorganizing government: Lessons for rightsizing and downsizing fellow and federal expert Alan Balutis revisits the topic of downsizing or rightsizing when government agencies go to reorganize. Reorganization rarely makes government measurably cheaper and agency efficiency can take a serious beating while changes are being made. Read for all of Alan Balutis' insight. 2018-05-31 Cisco Canada Celebrates 20 Years of Networking Academy by Awarding Students the Chance to Shadow Cisco Experts Canada announced today that it will celebrate the Cisco Networking Academy’s 20th year in Canada with an exclusive opportunity for its top 20 Canadian students. 2018-05-18 Humber and Cisco Join Forces to Enhance Technology-Driven Education will link Innovation Centres, showcase education industry leadership and drive hands-on experimentation 2018-05-08 Bringing the HIMSS18 Exhibit Floor to the Hospital may be over, but improving the patient experience, streamlining clinical workflows, and strengthening patient data security are still top of mind for healthcare professionals. Cisco Healthcare Expert Sarah Struble discusses what technology was highlighted at the show, what Cisco showcased and key takeaways for healthcare professionals.2018-04-06 The Path to Digital Leadership in Financial Services: Collaboration with FinTech financial services industry continues to weather near-constant change, and it is clear a digital storm has touched down. A digital-first movement to some degree lead by the explosion of fintech companies, is taking hold in mainstream financial services. Statista estimates fintechs in the U.S. will secure over $4.5 billion from investors of all kind in 2018.2018-03-23 From CSUN in San Diego: Cisco Works with the American Council of the Blind to Bring a First for the Accessibility Market week Cisco is in San Diego, CA, at one of the biggest events in the accessibility world, the annual CSUN Assistive Technology Conference. Cisco is showcasing the first enterprise-grade desk phone that includes built-in text-to-speech functionality capable of conveying vital information on the phone’s display to the user through audible voice and tone indicators. Developed with collaborative input from the American Council of the Blind (ACB), the software update on Cisco’s IP Phone 8800 Series is a huge step forward toward making the digital workplace more accessible for employees who are blind and visually impaired. Cisco Director of Collaboration Solutions Angie Mistretta gives more details on the Cisco Collaboration Blog.2018-03-19 Blockchain: Nimble, Valuable & Ubiquitous the past decade, blockchain technology has moved from a technological, mathematical and economic curiosity to an emerging, viable tool that can drive industrial growth and financial inclusivity. While the technology has fueled excitement primarily in finance, it has the potential to bring value to a host of other industries. 2018-03-12 From the HIMSS18 Floor: Cisco Unveils Groundbreaking Collaboration with HIMSS Analytics HIMSS18, Cisco Healthcare Director Barbara Casey announced that Cisco is collaborating with HIMSS Analytics to create the HIMSS Analytics Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM). INFRAM is the first ever infrastructure maturity model offered through HIMSS Analytics. Stop by the HIMSS Analytics booth #1338 on Thursday, March 8, at 10 a.m. PST for a full presentation on Cisco’s collaboration with HIMSS Analytics.2018-03-05 What Are You Hoping To Get Out Of HIMSS18?'s national director for healthcare in Canada and former clinician, Shanti Gidwani, discusses what she's looking forward to at HIMSS18 next week in this in-depth video. She gives her clinician's perspective around the evolution of virtual care, why security is more important than ever and what she hopes HIMSS attendees will get from the show. Check out her video at "Read Full Article." 2018-02-27 Cast Your Vote: Wash100 Nominates Cisco VP Nick Michaelides's VP for U.S. Federal Nick Michaelides is nominated for the fifth annual Wash100 Award, a nomination given to 100 of the most influential leaders in the government sector. Nominees demonstrate outstanding leadership, innovation, reliability, achievement and vision. Vote now through April for your favorite nominee to win the Wash100 award. 2018-02-05