Cisco Americas Network AnnouncementsSat, 24 Aug 2019 09:36:14 -0700Federal Agencies Need to Ensure Capacity for Cloud-Ready Networks's Grimt Habtemariam shared how agencies must assess their networks' capacity to handle commercial cloud implementation to meet future demands. Insight was included on ExecutiveBiz.2019-04-19 Zero Trust Security - How to Be Mindful of the Hype trust is as much a security philosophy as it is an architecture. Cisco's Public Sector CTO, Dan Kent, dives into what type of environment is needed to support a zero-trust philosophy at a government organization. 2019-04-19 Is Your Agency's Network Cloud Ready? with an increased focus on cloud, the readiness of on-premise infrastructure to support cloud services is often an afterthought for federal agencies. Cisco Cloud Strategist Grimt Habtemariam details how to make sure a federal agency's on-premise infrastructure is ready to take on the world of cloud and all its benefits.2019-04-02 HIMSS19 Video: Integrated Solutions Deliver New Capabilities takes a look at powerful new healthcare technologies on the conference's exhibit floor. Cisco Healthcare Lead Troy Yoder describes how Cisco's clinical workflow integrates complex technologies to deliver a simple experience for healthcare professionals. 2019-02-22 HIMSS19: Top Predicted Takeaways from the Show Healthcare Director Barbara Casey shares her predicted takeaways from the HIMSS19 show next week with Electronic Health Reporter. She says, "I hope the number one takeaway from the conference is the understanding that unlocking the power of data will help move patient critical data securely to the edge at the exact time, place and person wherever it is needed, transforming healthcare experiences for patients, clinicians and administrators." Read all the predictions at Electronic Health Reporter. 2019-02-07 Modernizing IT - A Network with Intent is the digital environment changing for the Public Sector and how does the network need to change in order to support it? Cisco CTO Dan Kent dives into what the network environment needs to look like in order for public sector organizations to continue in their IT modernization journey. 2018-12-18 Modernizing IT: The Wide Area Network Public Sector CTO Dan Kent is back with another installment of his GovLoop blog series, detailing the software-defined wide area network, why public sector organizations should consider it and how it fits into the larger IT modernization effort for the public sector. The full article found at GovLoop. 2018-12-12 What if the Military Relied on Digital Twins? if the U.S. Department of Defense had a computer model so supremely detailed, it could reproduce exactly the operations of a complex military system? Navy leaders say this notion of a “digital twin” is not just an interesting hypothesis, it’s an urgent imperative. Cisco Systems Engineer Kelly Jones is quoted throughout this article about the positive impact digital twin technology could have on the Navy.2018-12-11 Military Should Leverage AI to Sustain Mission Assurance reposted details from a byline from Cisco Defense Director Carl De Groote and Defense Strategist Chuck Louisell. The article highlights that the U.S. military should adopt AI, machine learning and in-line data analytics to sustain mission assurance and readiness. 2018-12-06 Navy Looks to Cloud Technology to Extend Warship Missions Defense Systems Engineer Kelly Jones is interviewed by Warrior Maven around Cisco's work with the U.S. Navy. The article describes the underlying digital twin technology the Navy is using to build laboratory prototypes of a software technology designed to offer instant connectivity between ship-based networks, command and control, and on-board systems such as engines. Jones is quoted saying, "This can minimize down-time and keep a ship mission ready."2018-12-06 Public Sector Digitization is Here is the public sector with its digital transformation? Cisco CTO Dan Kent discusses where we're at with digitization and what technologies CIOs need to keep in mind, including cloud computing, IoT, software-defined networking and analytics, in order to create an intelligent system moving forward. 2018-12-06 Montana State's flexible research network is improving security and reducing costs State University CIO Jerry Sheehan discusses the campus' Cisco intent-based network and how the university is improving security and reducing costs as a result.2018-12-06 Why the Military Needs Skynet the Terminator movie, Skynet was originally built as a “Global Information Digital Defense Network” providing an omni-connected platform that, in many ways, resembles the goals of the Department of Defense’s digital transformation effort. Cisco Defense Director Carl De Groote and Defense Strategist Chuck Louisell make the case for why a Skynet-like network can give our military the ultimate advantage on the battlefield through mission assurance, sustained operations and greater awareness.2018-11-28 EDUCAUSE 2018: Software-Defined Networks Advance Research Computing State University CIO sees faster service and stronger security in Cisco DNA.2018-11-01 MSU Expands Research Networking Capabilities with Cisco State University used Cisco's Software-Defined Access to transform its research networking. Watch the video to see the impact on students and faculty! 2018-11-01 Bell offers Virtual Network Services to enterprise clients shifting to cloud based applications launched its new Virtual Network Services (VNS) platform Oct. 18, which the company says will give business and enterprise customers “on demand network functions,” such as security and routing, by deploying software so clients can get rid of chunky hardware that performs similar functions. The announcement was made during the Cisco Connect event in Toronto, where the telecom provider announced the first virtual network function on the VNS platform will be a managed software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) that will be powered by Cisco Viptela.2018-10-18 Comparing Modernizing Government to Remodeling a Home VP Larry Payne breaks down the idea of long-term technology investment for government agencies by comparing this change in IT to a home investment. When should agencies update it, when does it need remodeling and when should agencies completely modernize the space? has the answers. 2018-08-14 Cybersecurity Issues Federal CISO Should Focus On CIO Media made a list of the top 10 cybersecurity issues the new federal CISO should make a priority, including mitigating ransomware attacks as outlined in Cisco's 2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report. The full list of suggested priorities can be found at 2018-08-09 Why Military Aircraft Maintenance Data is Becoming Valuable maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) has progressed incredibly over the past 20 years. While innovative manufacturing and MRO practices have allowed military aircraft to become safer and far more capable, agencies are still facing critical adoption challenges. Cisco Defense Expert Joe Beel describes how Internet of Things (IoT) system data (i.e. machine data) can deliver enhanced visibility and efficient maintenance packaging. The full details are published in Rotor & Wing International. 2018-07-24 A Different Way for Government to Clean Its Data Distinguished Fellow Alan Balutis offers an alternative approach to efficiently aggregating and analyzing data across the federal enterprise. Details are published in Nextgov.2018-07-11 Reorganizing government: Lessons for rightsizing and downsizing fellow and federal expert Alan Balutis revisits the topic of downsizing or rightsizing when government agencies go to reorganize. Reorganization rarely makes government measurably cheaper and agency efficiency can take a serious beating while changes are being made. Read for all of Alan Balutis' insight. 2018-05-31 Navy Cyber War Breakthrough - AI Finds Malware in Encrypted Traffic Navy Expert Kelly Jones talks to Warrior Maven about how Cisco is prototyping new detection methods as part of an effort to introduce their technology to the U.S. military services. While most DoD network traffic is encrypted for additional safety, encryption can also make it more difficult for cyber defenders to see hidden malware in the traffic. Kelly Jones says, “We have the ability to read and detect malware in encrypted web traffic. Even though the data is encrypted there is still a pattern to malware." Read the full article at Warrior Maven. 2018-05-31 Bell Canada implements Cisco Segment Routing Canada implements Cisco Segment Routing2017-12-04 Cisco's Network Intuitive Effort to Bring Intelligence, Machine Learning to Networking Financial Post highlights Cisco's The Network. Intuitive. and shares insights on the launch from CEO Chuck Robbins.2017-08-16 ICYMI: Traditional Cyber Attacks are Seeing a Resurgence: Cisco World Canada shares a few of the key findings from the Cisco 2017 Midyear Cybersecurity Report2017-08-03 Long View Systems on what Cisco’s New Network Intuitive Means to Partners in Canada Cohen from Long View Systems highlights the immense opportunity The Network Intuitive presents for Canadian channel partners.2017-07-21 Cisco Preparing for a World Defined by Connectivity World Canada shares coverage of the launch of Cisco's announcement of #TheNetworkIntuitive at Cisco Live 2017 in Las Vegas.2017-06-28 Cisco Creates Self-Learning Network Dealer News' coverage of the official The Network. Intuitive. launch from The Pearl in San Francisco, CA.2017-06-20 Making the Rounds with Cisco DNA takes an in-depth look at how Cisco's Digital Network Architecture (DNA) simplifies enterprise networking for businesses and equips them with capabilities to help address the needs of their industries.2017-05-04 Cisco News Mobile App Available Now! industry. Your interests. Your news. Download Cisco News app today for personalized news at your fingertips. #CiscoNewYourWay2017-03-29