Cisco Americas Network AnnouncementsTue, 20 Nov 2018 17:55:13 -0800Why Military Aircraft Maintenance Data is Increasingly Valuable Defense Expert Joe Beel's insight into how military aircraft maintenance data is becoming more valuable is shared with Rotor Review readers. Read the full article on pages 48 and 49 of the digital magazine. 2018-10-28 Bringing the Smart City Vision to Kansas City’s Neglected East Side few signs of renewal in the area, Kansas City officials are hoping new investments in transit and technology will move the needle. It will mean smart parking, smart intersections, smart water meters and smart streetlights. Cisco, Sprint and its corporate partners has made Kansas City a magnet for tech entrepreneurs and conferences for big think about big data.2018-10-02 How Healthcare providers Can Take Advantage of IoT connecting medical devices to a network, a robust and secure infrastructure can usher in IoT initiatives for healthcare. Giving insight into the complexity of this type of environment, Healthcare Expert Troy Yoder says, "A hospital’s a very dense environment, with floors stacked on top of floors, and it’s a difficult wireless environment to get right." Staples Business Resource Center has more details.2018-08-09 Military Maintenance Ready for Data-Driven Optimization Expert Joe Beel describes how the use of IoT system data can deliver enhanced visibility and efficient maintenance packaging. He says, "For the DOD, truly digitizing operations means maximizing the potential insights from MRO machine data." The full article is published in Aviation Today. 2018-08-08 Halton Healthcare Boosts Patient Satisfaction with a Communications Upgrade a hospital relocation, the three-hospital health system rolled out 700 Cisco IP mobile phones to nursing staff on a converged infrastructure, and patient satisfaction skyrocketed. HealthTech Magazine details the success Halton Healthcare relocating several of its hospital facilities into tech-forward “smart” hospitals. 2018-07-12 Digital Transformation in Retail, how Cisco and its Partner Ecosystem are Transforming the Cisco Store! if you will that it’s January 15th, 2012, and I am a week into my career at Cisco. On this day I would make my maiden voyage to the Cisco world headquarters in San Jose, CA. I would do all the new employee stuff, like getting my badge, laptop, and other meet and greet items that day. I would also take a trip to the Cisco store to get the latest swag they had to offer. 2018-06-27 Securely Deploy Cloud and Mobile Technologies with New Network Guidance Automation and Cisco have released new network design guides and white papers to help companies connect mobile devices and deploy end-to-end cloud connectivity while maintaining security best practices. The guides give companies best practices for wired and wireless network architectures when deploying cloud and mobile industrial IoT solutions. The free resources are the latest addition to the Converged Plantwide Ethernet (CPwE) program.2018-04-23 Cisco Expert - What Millennials Want in Healthcare Providers Healthcare Expert Amy Young weighs in on what millennials want in healthcare providers. Amy Young is quoted saying, "With the proliferation of mobile devices and digital communication tools, patients—the customers of the insurance world—are expecting faster and more convenient services." More insight from Amy and stats from a recent survey from PNC Healthcare are published in Managed Healthcare Executive.2018-04-19 Cisco's Amy Young Discusses Medical Device Security Vulnerabilities Healthcare Expert Amy Young outlines the top security threats to medical devices and what can be done to stay ahead of these threats. As the IoMT device landscape heats up and hospitals delve more into remote care, healthcare systems need to protect each and every endpoint device from potential cybersecurity risks. Read the full article at HealthTech. 2018-04-19 Unprecedented Threats: Impacts on Government Outlined in Cisco Cybersecurity Report government-focused cybersecurity report from Cisco explains how hackers are getting better at deploying destructive malware, evading detection and exploiting unpatched connected devices to deliver devastating blows to government systems. POLITICO shares a summary as well as a link to the report. 2018-04-10 Cisco and the University of Waterloo partner to advance 5G technology collaboration has created a Cisco Research Chair in 5G systems, a position dedicated to exploring ways to improve wireless technology.2018-04-09 Network Convergence is Key to IIoT Success Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) offers the promise for manufacturers of optimised business operations. The key to any successful IIoT project lies in the factory data. Without data, extracted from a myriad of sources, delivered to the right application, at the right time – little optimisation can happen. There is a huge amount of useful data trapped within plant floor equipment, including run-time, equipment condition, performance, and quality data. Seamless access to this data is needed to make better business decisions in the plant. 2018-03-30 Exploring the ToyBox at NRF 2018 you weren’t able to join us at the 2018 National Retail Federation (NRF) Big Show, you missed out on Cisco’s super-cool Toy Box, a fully functional toy store right on the floor of the Javits Center. Much more than a booth, the Toy Box was an experience. It gave attendees a chance to walk in the shoes of a customer in an advanced retail environment that highlighted more than 20 retail technology solutions—including wayfinding and navigation by Phunware. With a new visitor showing up every eight seconds on average, the Toy Box was a huge hit. Let’s explore it! 2018-03-30 5 Steps To Creating A Better In-Store Customer Experience retailers are feeling immense pressure to improve the in-store customer experience as innovative, digital-first competitors continue to enter the brick-and-mortar space. These disruptors are known to provide a more positive, memorable customer journey in the physical shopping world given that they’ve already learned so much about their customers online. Here are a few steps that any retailer can take to improve the in-store experience: 2018-03-27 HIMSS18 – Goodbye Vegas, hello more advanced healthcare is now in our rear-view mirrors and, as usual, it was a whirlwind of a week. Cisco Director of Healthcare Barbara Casey shares insight from the show, what Cisco was up to and the collection of healthcare solutions Cisco had at the booth. More details can be found on the Cisco Healthcare Blog.2018-03-13 The Future of Retail: What’s real and what’s hype after NRF 2018? you attended the National Retail Federation (NRF) Conference this January – and perhaps even if you didn’t – you probably heard about the award-winning Cisco ToyBox. A fully functional toy store on the NRF floor, the ToyBox enabled retailers to literally walk in their customers’ – and associates’ – shoes, highlighting how seamless shopping experiences are being created through the latest mobile and digital technologies.2018-03-12 A Better Healthcare Network for Streamlined Workflows should help bring clinicians closer together. With fast access to specialists, time saved finding equipment, and real-time updates to health records, doctors and nurses can spend more time delivering the best care. In order to take advantage of the promise of IoT and connected healthcare, a hospital needs a strong infrastructure. Cisco's Healthcare Director Barbara Casey shares the third of four analyst papers centered around the clinical experience. Check out the Cisco Healthcare Blog for the full report.2018-03-08 Patients Are Setting the Agenda for Healthcare a world where patients are center stage as consumers, differentiation through improved experiences has become a key business priority for healthcare providers. But to deliver these solutions to patients, their families, and caregivers, it’s critical that the right network infrastructure is in place. Healthcare Expert Sarah Struble shares the last in a series of analyst papers, this one on progressing the patient experience in IoT and connected health. Cisco's Healthcare Blog has the full report.2018-03-08 A Network Foundation at the Heart of Healthcare Healthcare Director Barbara Casey outlines the IoT landscape for healthcare and how crucial the right network foundation is in order to make IoT work successfully. More information about IoT challenges and possible network solutions can be found in the first of four analyst papers. Check out Cisco's healthcare blog to download the report. 2018-03-07 Cybersecurity - the Flipside of Digitization for Healthcare secure and carefully monitored network is critical to a secure, connected healthcare infrastructure. Cisco Healthcare Expert Sarah Struble shares the second of four analyst papers - this one exploring network security solutions in more depth. Check out the full report on the Cisco Healthcare Blog. 2018-03-07 3 Success Stories: Equipping the Modern Healthcare Workforce Healthcare Expert Amy Young dives into three digital workflow success stories. These stories highlight how healthcare organizations can embrace the digital revolution to improve operations, retain clinicians and satisfy patients. More details can be found on Cisco's Healthcare Blog. 2018-02-28 Secure healthcare demands a holistic approach's Global Healthcare and Life Sciences Director Barbara Casey discusses the dramatic change healthcare is undergoing and the increasing cybersecurity risks associated with that change. Distributed care, connected devices, these and other developments require a more holistic security approach to IT. The full article is published by Healthcare Management Technology. 2018-02-27 The Future Retail Experience is a Group Effort the floor of the National Retail Federation’s Big Show last week, it was hard to tell if the convention was a meeting of retailers or an offshoot of the Consumer Electronics Show that had ended days earlier in Las Vegas. A cheery humanoid robot named Pepper served as door host at the SAP booth. In other booths, less shapely automatons demonstrated how they stocked shelves and scanned for inventory. 2018-02-01 The Annual Expedition— A Look at NRF’s Big Show’s a journey that more convenience/petro retailers and service providers, large and small and from all corners of the U.S., are making each year. Off to the Big Show—the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) annual gathering of every retail segment imaginable —we go.2018-01-30 The Biggest Trends of NRF 2018’s biggest tradeshow has come and gone, leaving us with three days’ worth of talks, innovation, and insight to distill. Now that the dust has settled, two major trends have become clear. Retail’s evolution into unified shopping The movement from omnichannel to channel-less, or unified, shopping has been on the peripheral of many retailers, and at NRF 2018 we saw definitive movement towards true adoption.2018-01-30 My NRF2018 retail demo awards roundup – from annoyingly smart fridges to self-powered pop-up shops tour of NRF 2018 retail demos was a dizzying mixture of the clever and the overhyped. Here’s an illustrated review of this year’s winners, with a bias towards practical tech retailers can use this year.2018-01-29 The Retail Industry Has Come To Its Senses On Technology retailers’ playbook to win your discerning dollars, technology is often billed as that magic bullet merchants hope can help win you as a customer. But is it? Yes, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, data analytics, personalization and robotics still rank among 2018’s big sector tech buzzwords, but the retail industry is also coming to its senses about this: some tech bells and whistles don't really deliver beyond their initial wow.2018-01-25 Cisco's Use of RFID Tags Garners Mention in TechTarget Article is mentioned as a standout for its use of radio frequency identification tags to notify store employees to restock shelves. 2018-01-22 NRF '18 Musings: What Comes First, the Analog or the Digital? the past few years, much of the talk surrounding technology strategies for hospitality has been how to enable digital touchpoints. These conversations centered on the concept of allowing the increasingly connected consumer to interact with a brand whenever and however they chose to do so. At the recent NRF Big Show, which took place January 14-16 in New York City, there is a new sentiment permeating technology providers – and that is making in-store experiences as much like the online experience as possible. 2018-01-19 NRF 2018: 4 New Technologies with Cool Potential for Retailers make the rounds at the NRF 2018: Retail's Big Show in New York City to share mini demos of technology innovations unveiled at the retail conference. While these four tools each take a unique approach to integrating transformative digital applications into retail operations, collectively they aim to improve customer satisfaction as well as provide additional purchase and behavioral data to the business. Not surprisingly, artificial intelligence comes into play more than once. 2018-01-19