Cisco Americas Network AnnouncementsWed, 23 Jan 2019 10:21:27 -0800Modernizing IT: The Wide Area Network Public Sector CTO Dan Kent is back with another installment of his GovLoop blog series, detailing the software-defined wide area network, why public sector organizations should consider it and how it fits into the larger IT modernization effort for the public sector. The full article found at GovLoop. 2018-12-12 What if the Military Relied on Digital Twins? if the U.S. Department of Defense had a computer model so supremely detailed, it could reproduce exactly the operations of a complex military system? Navy leaders say this notion of a “digital twin” is not just an interesting hypothesis, it’s an urgent imperative. Cisco Systems Engineer Kelly Jones is quoted throughout this article about the positive impact digital twin technology could have on the Navy.2018-12-11 Public Sector Digitization is Here is the public sector with its digital transformation? Cisco CTO Dan Kent discusses where we're at with digitization and what technologies CIOs need to keep in mind, including cloud computing, IoT, software-defined networking and analytics, in order to create an intelligent system moving forward. 2018-12-06 Cisco's Dan Kent Talks Cloud Migration of Data for Federal reports on Cisco CTO Dan Kent's comments around cloud migration of data for federal agencies. He estimates that "75 percent of information will be hosted on the cloud and that the government will mostly seek cloud-based offerings for its future applications in line with the Cloud Smart program." More insight at GovConWire. 2018-11-02 Cisco's Dan Kent Predicts Increase in Cloud-Based Data Migration Public Sector CTO Dan Kent comments on cloud-based data migration for government agencies. He says that "cloud providers will look to help government customers transfer multipurpose information technology applications." ExecutiveBiz gives more details.2018-10-30 How to Find the Best Fit for Cloud Migration majority of IT applications will eventually be moved to the cloud, but specific characteristics of those applications will ultimately determine whether they will fit into that majority or be left on premises. Government officials and industry experts, including those from Cisco, give insight into how government agencies should approach cloud migration. Federal Times gives more detail. 2018-10-28 How Companies Think About Smart City Technology and Improving Metropolitan Living's Britt Norwood talks Smart City tech and how Albuquerque, N.M., is replacing traditional streetlights, helping to improve public safety and making lighting more efficient and cost-effective through Cisco Kinetic for Cities. 2018-10-15 Why a smart city is an asset to the citizen and the city itself Public Sector Senior Vice President Larry Payne discusses the future of smart cities technology, why it's essential to share information across all departments and how public officials can use that data to improve real-world experience for its citizens and the operational needs of a city. 2018-09-12 Kansas City Blazes a Trail Toward Smarter, Better Services City CIO Bob Bennett credits KCMO's smart cities public-private partnership with Cisco and its ecosystem partners as critical to its success. 2018-08-17 Executive Spotlight: Diane Gongaware Talks Cybersecurity and Cloud for Government talked with Diane Gongaware, vice president of U.S. Public Sector Services at Cisco, about federal cybersecurity challenges, the government’s progress in adopting the cloud and what products Cisco will be launching soon. Click "Read Full Article" to learn more. 2018-06-26 Cisco Live 2018: Las Vegas and Cary, NC, Benefit from Smart City Tech City of Las Vegas and Cary, NC are two very different communities are using sensors to gather data on parking, public safety and more. The common tech where citizens benefit is Cisco Kinetic for Cities. 2018-06-15 SDN Technology Increases Speed, Visibility for Campus IT Green State University embraces software-defined networking platform to simplify management, security and deployment in higher education. 2018-05-11 Cisco Cyber Report: Government Should Use AI, Behavior Analytics Magazine reports on Cisco's Annual Cybersecurity Report: Impacts on Government saying, "As threat actors weaponize more technology, Cisco researchers warned government agencies should look to behavior analytics in order to meet new, self-propagating, network-based threats in 2018." The full article can be found at SC Magazine.2018-04-12 Cisco Cyber Report: Malware, Encrypted Traffic Challenge Federal Agencies reports on Cisco's Annual Cybersecurity Report: Impacts on Government calling out the challenges federal agencies face. The publication says according to the report, "hackers will continue to give U.S. government agencies headaches in the coming months thanks to an evolving malware market and their use of encryption to evade detection." Read the full article at CyberScoop. 2018-04-12 Cisco's Dan Kent Discusses How Hackers Adapt to Government Adversaries on findings in Cisco's Annual Cybersecurity Report: Impacts on Government, Cisco CTO Dan Kent talks to FCW about how hackers are increasingly able to mask their presence and take advantage of security vulnerabilities to gain government network access. Kent says federal agencies tend to have better security procedures around their devices to prevent them from being hijacked, but their public facing websites are vulnerable to DDOS attacks. The full article can be found at FCW.2018-04-12 Cisco Cyber Report: Internet 'Noise' Masks Federal Network Dangers Cisco Annual Cybersecurity Report: Impacts on Government is reported on by the Federal Times, calling out how hackers can use the confusion of traffic across government agency networks to mask malicious behavior. The publication points out the federal government's move to the cloud and the cloud security dangers outlined in Cisco's report. Said the reporter, "though 74 percent of government respondents to a Cisco 2018 Security Capabilities Benchmark Study said that they prefer an on-premise cloud, they were almost equally supportive of using a third party to manage that versus doing so themselves." Read the full article at Federal Times.2018-04-12 Unprecedented Threats: Impacts on Government Outlined in Cisco Cybersecurity Report government-focused cybersecurity report from Cisco explains how hackers are getting better at deploying destructive malware, evading detection and exploiting unpatched connected devices to deliver devastating blows to government systems. POLITICO shares a summary as well as a link to the report. 2018-04-10 Bringing the HIMSS18 Exhibit Floor to the Hospital may be over, but improving the patient experience, streamlining clinical workflows, and strengthening patient data security are still top of mind for healthcare professionals. Cisco Healthcare Expert Sarah Struble discusses what technology was highlighted at the show, what Cisco showcased and key takeaways for healthcare professionals.2018-04-06 HIMSS18 – Goodbye Vegas, hello more advanced healthcare is now in our rear-view mirrors and, as usual, it was a whirlwind of a week. Cisco Director of Healthcare Barbara Casey shares insight from the show, what Cisco was up to and the collection of healthcare solutions Cisco had at the booth. More details can be found on the Cisco Healthcare Blog.2018-03-13 Patients Are Setting the Agenda for Healthcare a world where patients are center stage as consumers, differentiation through improved experiences has become a key business priority for healthcare providers. But to deliver these solutions to patients, their families, and caregivers, it’s critical that the right network infrastructure is in place. Healthcare Expert Sarah Struble shares the last in a series of analyst papers, this one on progressing the patient experience in IoT and connected health. Cisco's Healthcare Blog has the full report.2018-03-08 Cisco Works with Microsoft to Bring Azure Stack to Government Customers Azure Stack is now being integrated with Azure Government, allowing partners including Cisco to offer the solution to government customers. Cisco VP of Federal Nick Michaelides is quoted saying, "Cisco has data center solutions in most government agencies. As part of our overall, multi-cloud strategy we are excited about our partnership with Microsoft to offer Azure Stack as a converged infrastructure solution for government." More details are posted on Microsoft's blog. 2018-03-07 A Network Foundation at the Heart of Healthcare Healthcare Director Barbara Casey outlines the IoT landscape for healthcare and how crucial the right network foundation is in order to make IoT work successfully. More information about IoT challenges and possible network solutions can be found in the first of four analyst papers. Check out Cisco's healthcare blog to download the report. 2018-03-07 How Cloud Can Change The Battle Rhythm For The U.S. VP of Federal Nick Michaelides and Cisco Defense Expert Chuck Louisell describe how the concept of Combat Cloud will change the temporal structure of warfare. The Combat Cloud will define the new art of war, reinventing the way we exploit the principles of the offensive, maneuver, and mass. The full details are published in C4ISRNET. 2018-03-02 Secure healthcare demands a holistic approach's Global Healthcare and Life Sciences Director Barbara Casey discusses the dramatic change healthcare is undergoing and the increasing cybersecurity risks associated with that change. Distributed care, connected devices, these and other developments require a more holistic security approach to IT. The full article is published by Healthcare Management Technology. 2018-02-27 Cisco Locks Up FedRAMP ATO For Cloudlock Cloudlock is now FedRAMP certified for government agencies. "Latest certification gives Cisco a hat trick in the secure government cloud," according to MeriTalk. Read the full MeriTalk article at "Read Full Article." 2018-02-12 Cisco Cloudlock Earns FedRAMP Moderate-Level ATO Cloudlock ATO news is shared by GovConWire, saying the certification "clears the Cloudlock cloud access security broker for use at civilian agencies and for potential Defense Department certification at Impact Level 2." Read the full GovConWire article at "Read Full Article."2018-02-12 Cisco Looks to Simplify Smart City Initiatives with New Tools ease future deployments, Cisco Systems has released a slew of resources that address common barriers to smart city success.2018-02-09 Cisco Expert Talks Cloudlock FedRAMP Certification Federal VP Nick Michaelides talks about Cisco Cloudlock becoming FedRAMP certified. Cloudlock has the authority to operate at the moderate level from the program management office of the Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP). More details reported by ExecutiveBiz. 2018-01-25 Cisco Cloudlock Certification Builds on Cisco's FedRAMP-Approved Portfolio’s cloud portfolio recently reached another milestone when the FedRAMP PMO officially granted Cisco Cloudlock a FedRAMP Authority to Operate (ATO) at the Moderate level. Cisco's VP of Federal Nick Michaelides discusses the implications of cloud for government and the benefit of Cisco Cloudlock for government agencies. More details shared on Cisco's Government blog. 2018-01-24 Cisco Expert Talks Augmenting IoT Platform with Software and Analytics Public Sector CTO Dan Kent talks about expanding IoT services to emphasize software and analytics. This will help enterprise and government customers understand traffic flows and patterns in the underlying network. More details shared at 2018-01-22