Cisco Americas Network AnnouncementsSat, 24 Aug 2019 08:51:16 -0700Sharp Faced Challenge of Upgrading IT Infrastructure with Legacy Apps Diego-based Sharp HealthCare was struggling to modernize its IT infrastructure while maintaining support for legacy applications, explained Kevin Rothstein, network engineer at Sharp HealthCare. The health system was outgrowing its physical infrastructure for the data center, it was focused on virtualization to reduce underutilized hardware in its facilities, and it wanted to improve its security strategy.2019-05-20 Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure, with its Focus on AI and Machine Learning, is a Data Center Solution for Financial Institutions of All Sizes is rapidly evolving, particularly in the financial services sector, where there are increasingly automated services and greater customer expectations for speed and convenience. Cisco Systems seeks to help companies stay ahead of the technology curve with programs like its Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI). Cisco ACI is a data center solution that employs AI and machine learning to provide thorough, quick, and secure services to its clients, so they can pass along great service to their customers. 2019-01-30 Military Should Leverage AI to Sustain Mission Assurance reposted details from a byline from Cisco Defense Director Carl De Groote and Defense Strategist Chuck Louisell. The article highlights that the U.S. military should adopt AI, machine learning and in-line data analytics to sustain mission assurance and readiness. 2018-12-06 Making The Retail Moments That Matter Most Positively Contagious season is upon us and catching the bug is not all that has shoppers concerned this winter. Standing in long lines, not being able to find an associate to help or arriving to the store only to find a product out of stock are too often still a reality during the holiday season. It is no surprise that shoppers are in search of effortless experiences that provide much-needed transparency and can save them time. And we all know that when experiences cut the friction out of the shopping equation, customers are more likely to come back for more. 2018-11-26 DataScan Protects its Customers – and its Reputation – with a Secure Network is a great example of a company that is being proactive about security. 2018-10-24 Comparing Modernizing Government to Remodeling a Home VP Larry Payne breaks down the idea of long-term technology investment for government agencies by comparing this change in IT to a home investment. When should agencies update it, when does it need remodeling and when should agencies completely modernize the space? has the answers. 2018-08-14 Cybersecurity Issues Federal CISO Should Focus On CIO Media made a list of the top 10 cybersecurity issues the new federal CISO should make a priority, including mitigating ransomware attacks as outlined in Cisco's 2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report. The full list of suggested priorities can be found at 2018-08-09 Can Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) help agency IT leaders? Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) technology allows agency IT leaders to monitor and measure their data center optimization operations. Cisco CTO Dan Kent says, "Agency IT officials cannot figure out how to consolidate and optimize without knowing the equipment and data they have." More details at 2018-08-09 A Different Way for Government to Clean Its Data Distinguished Fellow Alan Balutis offers an alternative approach to efficiently aggregating and analyzing data across the federal enterprise. Details are published in Nextgov.2018-07-11 The Next-Generation Network Will Work Like the Nervous System Healthcare Director Barbara Casey talks next-generation network for healthcare with Healthcare IT News. She is quoted saying, "The old network was like the circulatory system, pumping blood to and away from the heart using a series of pipes. The next-generation network will work more like the nervous system, taking in sensory information, learning from it and changing its behavior based on its sensory environment." More insight from Casey and other healthcare experts shared with Healthcare IT News. 2018-07-11 Cream Rises to the Top prides themselves on making ‘not just any yoghurt’. They stand out in the dairy aisle by bringing the highest quality ingredients and recipes to the shelves. But Noosa knew that to produce the best product, they needed the best processes and the best equipment. So in 2015, they invested five million in a plant upgrade. It paid off. Sales spiked, and so did the size of the company’s operations. 2018-04-23 Automation Spurs Efficient State and Local Data Center Management that automate essential tasks report huge savings on time, money and personnel. Durham County, NC, decided to move from traditional data center architecture to Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure, a software-defined networking solution that allows for greater flexibility, scalability, ¬visibility and ease of management By setting up the right network policies, Durham County now automates repetitive tasks such as load balancing and network provisioning, which otherwise require human intervention. For example, setting up a physical network can take 40 minutes or longer, but doing so with ACI takes less than three. (StateTech)2018-04-23 State and Local Governments Cut the Cord to Make Way for a Workspace Transformation Cisco's help, legacy PBX telephone setups give way to modern unified communications and collaboration platforms that bring greater cost savings to government.2018-04-18 Kathryn Howe: One of the Most Powerful Women in Consumer Technology is Transforming Retail with Cisco Technology magazine recently named Kathryn Howe, Cisco’s Director of Digital Transformation, Retail and Hospitality, one of the most Powerful Women in Consumer Technology for 2017. Who knew that when she started out, she never even thought about working in the tech industry? 2018-01-12 Retailers, You Got This! Stay Focused on What Your Customers Want Focused on What Your Customers Want. Digitization Can Help.2018-01-09 Domino’s Uses Technology to Deliver Customer Satisfaction – and Grow its Business post by Jeff Sharritts featuring a video of Domino's executives sharing their digital transformation journey. 2017-11-28 Cisco delivers powerful 5th generation servers for its Unified Computing System a primary building block in the world's most advanced data centers, with over 60,000 customers 2017-07-11 Cisco DNA for Financial Services: The Answer is in the Network can financial services companies meet the competing pressures to speed up digitization, comply with every increasing regulation and reduce costs? The answer is in the network – the digital ready, self-learning, self-healing and secure network. Running a bank or insurance company is becoming increasingly difficult and risky due to the proliferation of digital devices, the industrialization of cybercrime, the pressure to move faster in a digital age and the wave of new regulation coming down the track.2017-06-22 BWT EP6: Enter the Talos, But Please Use a Unique Password team discusses how to get into threat intel and join a team like Talos. There are many routes to enter the Talos, but no exits. Seriously, they won’t let me leave. Passwords, vaults, and other access controls are discussed more in-depth as well. 2017-06-15 Five Things Canadian Service Providers Need to Know from the Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI) Canada's Managing Director, Canadian Service Provider Sales, Jeffrey Maddox shares a few key takeaways from the Cisco Visual Networking Index (VNI).2017-06-09 Cisco Visual Networking Index Predicts Global Annual IP Traffic to Exceed Three Zettabytes by 2021 applications will represent more than 50 Percent of global devices and connections by 2021 2017-06-08 Changing the Game: Creating Intelligent, Conversational Interfaces’ve come a long way since the days of my silly first program on the TI 99-4a, but we’re really still at the beginning of the beginning of human-computer interfaces. 2017-05-13 Player 3 Has Entered the Game: Say Hello to 'WannaCry' major ransomware attack has affected many organizations across the world reportedly including Telefonica in Spain, the National Health Service in the UK, and FedEx in the US. The malware responsible for this attack is a ransomware variant known as 'WannaCry'. 2017-05-13 Making the Rounds with Cisco DNA takes an in-depth look at how Cisco's Digital Network Architecture (DNA) simplifies enterprise networking for businesses and equips them with capabilities to help address the needs of their industries.2017-05-04 The New DNA -- How Investing in the Network Can Increase Profitability businesses strive to do three things: make money, save money, and protect their business. But the way they achieve these goals has changed since the advent of digitization. Today’s successful businesses are digital, and they embrace a new kind of DNA – Digital Network Architecture. 2017-04-18 Cisco News Mobile App Available Now! industry. Your interests. Your news. Download Cisco News app today for personalized news at your fingertips. #CiscoNewYourWay2017-03-29 Connecting the Unconnected in Mexico how Cisco is working with the government of Mexico to connect the unconnected2017-03-20 Cisco and IBM Speed Client Transformation to the Cloud with Expanded VersaStack Offerings solutions that enable hybrid IT and software defined, cloud-scale storage 2017-03-06 Cisco IT Tetration deployment business benefits IT migrated applications to private cloud with 70 percent less time and cost using Cisco Tetration. Learn more: 2017-03-06 Cisco and Docker Team to Modernize Cloud and Data Center Application Environments to Provide Validated Docker Solutions on Cisco UCS and Container Automation with Open Source Cisco Contiv2017-03-02