Cisco Americas Network AnnouncementsMon, 17 Jun 2019 00:55:14 -0700Cisco Live 2018: Atlanta Braves’ New Network Transforms Its Business just a baseball team, Atlanta Braves CIO Greg Gatti describes how the Cisco network is now at the heart of a transformed business that includes a ballpark and 1.5 million square feet of homes, retail shops, office buildings, restaurants and more. Gatti used Cisco's technology as a revenue driver, “We went from being a ballclub to being a technology-driven landlord, development and marketing company,” he said. 2018-06-21 Baseball and Government IT Go Hand in Hand – Let Me Explain does Bloomberg, baseball and the SVP of Public Sector at Cisco have in common? Find out in SVP Larry Payne’s contributed article in Bloomberg Government, which details key comparisons between government IT and baseball. 2018-03-29 MGM Resorts’ New Upgraded Convention Wi-Fi Network Launches, Successfully Supports Largest Cisco Live Event in Company’s History the meetings and convention experience in Las Vegas, MGM Resorts International has partnered with Cisco Systems and Mobilitie, LLC to upgrade and double its wireless infrastructure. The largest, technologically advanced system in the industry is the first in-house, high-density Wi-Fi network able to support Cisco Live, a high-level, tech-intensive company event.2018-01-02 Disabled U.S. Veterans Have Fun Competing at the Annual Winter Sports Clinic National Disabled Veterans Winter Sports Clinic is an event that U.S. military veterans look forward to all year. Cisco makes sure they have a good experience.2017-05-17 YouTube to stream Coachella performances—mobile users rejoice Coachella music festival is full of music and inventive technology–and now those who can't attend can also experience it via YouTube. 2017-04-10 Cisco News Mobile App Available Now! industry. Your interests. Your news. Download Cisco News app today for personalized news at your fingertips. #CiscoNewYourWay2017-03-29 The tourism industry tries out VR tour operators to app developers, people are applying virtual reality technology to tourism. 2017-03-28 Cisco TelePresence on late night TV showcases seamless communication Cisco's TelePresence technology on TV—and go behind the scenes of how we bring our collaboration tech to live shows. 2017-03-09 Sports teams tackle VR startups are selling virtual reality platforms for training players and revving up fans' experience. 2017-03-07 Cisco News 'On-the-Go'! how the Cisco News mobile app is your handheld companion for the latest regional Cisco headlines. 2017-01-23 FlashStack from Cisco & Pure Accelerates the Speed of Business Infrastructure featuring all-flash storage offers the promise of ease of use, faster performance, and better ROI. One of the solutions creating the most buzz in this category is FlashStack, the latest joint offer from Cisco and Pure Storage.2017-01-10 Minnesota Fans Welcome New Stadium, New Digital Game Day Experience while it’s impossible to predict how the season will turn out on the field in Minnesota, one thing is certain – the digital fan experience will be unparalleled! Skol Vikings! 2016-09-15 A different kind of Hollywood creative soon to a theater near you: Business in Hollywood driven as much by tech savvy thinking as by old-line acting, directing and producing. 2016-06-20 Connecting the user experience for volunteers, athletes, and fans 2015’s Pan Am and Parapan Am Games became the most connected ever.2016-06-09 Automated Alerts with the Americas Network with the Americas Network to receive alerts on the content that matters most to you! 2016-05-15 Cisco and Rio City Hall Will Offer Public Wi-Fi at Porto Maravilha Region technology will help connect people, support the deployment of new Smart Services to Rio, making Porto Maravilha area an Urban Living lab 2016-05-09 Cisco and Rio de Janeiro City Hall Partner to Extend Rio’s Operations Center Capabilities solution is part of Cisco's legacy to the city and will improve Rio’s Operations Center capabilities during emergencies and big events, like Rio 2016 Olympic and Paralympic Games 2016-04-11 HyperFlex Systems: The Next Generation in Complete Hyperconvergence was created to help customers devise a long term, bigger vision and  address real organizational needs within a changing market that demands flexibility, scalability and the tools to create a unified solution.2016-04-06 Cisco is the First IT Company Awarded the “International Olympic Committee Trophy”’s network and collaboration technologies supplied to Team Brazil were recognized in a ceremony honoring prominent figures of Olympic sports in Brazil 2015-12-16 Cisco Canada Announces Technology Legacy Plan for the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games$13-million of technology infrastructure to drive capacity in the Not-for-Profit sector and promote economic development across Ontario after the TORONTO 2015 Games2015-09-15 Cisco Canada’s Networking Academy Volunteers Shine at the I CAN Develop Kick-Off! do you call an event venue teeming with enthusiastic students, despite a snowy Saturday morning? A grand success! On February 7 Cisco Canada, together with Toronto 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games Organizing Committee, kicked off the I CAN Develop student program at George Brown College to help facilitate the Games.2015-02-27 Jimmy Kimmel Live Reimagines the Fan Experience with Cisco I watched the Grammy’s last month, I wasn’t only rooting for my favorite artists from my couch – I had Twitter open, engaging with my friends, following interesting hash-tags, and engaging in the event in a way that five years ago wasn’t even an option. 2015-02-24 350 Students and 150 Days: I CAN Develop and the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games CAN Develop is a Cisco initiative to support its Cisco Networking Academy institutions and students in the GTA and their participation as volunteers at the TORONTO 2015 Games. 2015-02-23 I CAN Learn: Discover Math and Science Through Taekwondo’s way more to this explosive and high action sport than just kicks and punches. Taekwondo is a martial art that stresses speed and agility. 2015-02-23 Cisco to connect fans to NBA All-Star 2015 Connected Sports solutions to be featured during NBA All-Star Cisco TelePresence to connect media around-the-world with All-Stars and social sweepstakes to seek out "Most Connected Fan 2015-02-12 I CAN Learn: Discover Math and Science Through Gymnastics see gymnasts on TV and wonder how they do that? Here’s a glimpse into a truly awe-inspiring, heart stopping, and explosive sport. 2015-02-11 I Can Learn: Discover Math and Science Through Weightlifting’s time to pump some iron, get fit and uncover what kind of math and science is at work when you lift weights.  2015-02-09 The Cisco Milton Velodrome Cisco Milton Velodrome will be the most connected velodrome in the world. Providing athletes, officials and spectators phenomenal connectivity. 2015-02-09 The Most Connected Fan you the Most Connected Fan? Share how you stay connected to the game.2015-02-09 I CAN Develop summer the Pan Am and Parapan Am GAMES will be coming to Toronto. Students are volunteering to assist in operating the technology that will run the GAMES. 2015-02-08