Cisco Americas Network AnnouncementsSat, 24 Aug 2019 08:53:13 -0700Growth Slows; Short-Term Expectations Decline the fourth quarter of 2018, middle market companies report a strong annualized revenue growth rate of 7.9%. At 5.4%, year-over-year employment growth remains steady and is similar to the close of 2017 and 2016. While confidence in Global, U.S., and local economies is down slightly, all three metrics remain above the historical average reported by the MMI over the past seven years. 2019-01-29 Strategic Planning for Growth National Center for the Middle Market’s recent research revealed that, for the majority of middle market businesses, formal growth strategy is second only to market expansion in terms of weight in the growth equation. While some strategic focuses lead to more rapid revenue growth than others, it’s not just what the strategy dictates that matters. How the strategy is defined, developed, and executed also play essential roles in strategic success and a company’s rate of growth. 2018-11-30 SMBs Cybersecurity Risk, Their Opportunity SMBs are realizing they are exposed to similar threats as their enterprise peers. Often times, those realizations come after an attack. This year, we learned from the Cisco 2018 Security Capabilities Benchmark Study: More than half (54 percent) of all cyber-attacks result in financial damages of more than US$500,000 including, but not limited to, lost revenue, customers, opportunities, and out-of-pocket costs. That amount is enough to put an unprepared small/midmarket business out of operation—permanently— a small businesses nightmare come true.2018-09-26 Episode 34: Technology and Growth National Center for the Middle Market podcast focuses on how fast growth happens and how middle market companies are managing it. Guest Steve Perkins from Grant Thornton, national managing director of the firm’s technology practice, talks about trends in technology growth.2018-09-12 A Model for Middle Market Growth: 7 Managerial Factors that Drive Performance third article in a series based on the National Center for the Middle Market’s in-depth research report, The DNA of Middle Market Growth: The Three Types of Growth Champions and the Factors that Drive Their Success, this post explores the importance of various managerial actions and how they factor into a company’s growth story. 2018-09-06 Episode 33: Efficiency through Culture to The Market That Moves America, a podcast from the National Center for the Middle Market, which will educate you about the challenges facing mid-sized companies and help you take advantage of new opportunities. 2018-09-06 7 Strategies of High Performers in the Middle Market National Center for the Middle Market (NCMM) took a look at five years of surveys to find what differentiates the best from the rest of the pack. What does it take to be one of the fastest growing middle market companies in America? To answer that question, we analyzed five years of data from surveys of middle market companies conducted by NCMM. We now know, empirically, what it takes to outperform the competition. 2018-08-17 The DNA of Middle Market Growth middle market consistently outperforms other economic segments. To understand what drives its growth, the Center and its partners completed a full Bayesian network analysis of hundreds of data points from 20,000 middle market companies—possibly the largest such data set ever examined. 2018-07-20 The MIddle of Everything of the distinct hallmarks of The Ohio State University Max M. Fisher College of Business is the recognition that business theory and practice are inextricably intertwined—that without one, the full potential of the other cannot be realized. This belief is the foundation on which the National Center for the Middle Market (NCMM) was built at Fisher six years ago. In the time since, the NCMM has distinguished itself as a leader in middle market research, engagement, and education. Thanks to the generous support of SunTrust Banks, Inc., Grant Thornton LLP, and Cisco Systems, this past year was no exception.2018-05-01 Risk and Resilience in the Middle Market Hurricanes Harvey and Irma and the northern California wildfires demonstrate, companies of all types and sizes can fall victim to natural disaster. Gain perspective from middle market business leaders recovering from these recent natural disasters. And learn more about strategic, digital, and other operational risk to understand the impact of disruption on business, how prepared companies are to weather the various types of storms they encounter, and how quickly they recover from different challenges.2018-03-22 Risk and Resilience in the Middle Market business is immune to the impact of a natural disasters. Cyber threats, too, are everywhere. And strategic threats from megatrends or technologies that you have yet to learn about can wreak even more havoc on your business than a category 5 hurricane. It’s impossible to eliminate threats entirely. But middle market businesses can protect themselves by learning more about the risks they face, their impact on business, and what they can do now to ensure a better response if, and when, business disruption strikes.2018-03-15 Let's Make a Deal: 3 Reasons Why the Time is Ripe for Middle Market M&A first post in a series based on the research report Middle Market M&A: What Executives and Advisors Need to Know to Make the Most of Mergers & Acquisitions, by the National Center for the Middle Market, this blog looks at the prevalence of M&A activity among middle market companies and explores reasons for the increased intensity in the deal-making arena.2018-02-14 4Q 2017 Middle Market Indicator the fourth quarter of 2017, middle market companies report accelerated revenue growth, moderate employment growth and peak levels of confidence. At 7.6%, year-over-year revenue growth remains strong while the 5.2% growth in employment is still well above the historical average of 3.9%. Confidence in local, national and global economies remain at peak levels. 2018-02-14 Digitizing the Customer Experience: Are We There Yet? agree that a superior customer experience is no longer a nice-to-have; it’s a must have. And in a world where technology plays an increasingly starring role in all touchpoints along the customer journey, digitally-savvy companies have a competitive edge. Yet, many businesses struggle to find ways to meaningfully connect with their customers on digital platforms. Middle market firms, in particular, face challenges when it comes to integrating digital solutions into the customer experience. 2017-11-09 3Q 2017 Middle Market Indicator the third quarter of 2017, middle market companies continue to report strong growth, confidence, and optimism. At 7.0%, year-over-year revenue growth remains steady and the 6.4% growth in employment is well above the historical average. While confidence in the U.S. economy is down slightly from the first quarter of the year, global and local economic confidence remain near peak levels. Complete 3Q 2017 Middle Market Indicator data will be available on October 25. 2017-10-30 Five Ways Middle Market Firms Can Find and Keep Skilled Talent second post in the workforce development series, based on the research report "Help Wanted" by the National Center for the Middle Market and the Brookings Metropolitan Policy Program, explores no- or low-cost actions middle market HR departments can take to improve recruitment and retention of qualified employees.2017-09-21 Help Wanted: How Middle Market Companies Can Address Workforce Challenges to Find and Develop the Talent They Need to Grow the fact that middle market firms hire more workers and generate more new jobs than any other economic segment—or perhaps because of that fact—middle market executives regularly cite talent management issues, including competing for and acquiring people, training and development, and retention, as a top challenge affecting company performance and long-term growth and vitality. 2017-08-29 Cisco Meraki Finally Comes to D&H Canada looks at D&H Canada's move to offer Cisco Meraki software and solutions to small and medium business value-added resellers in Canada.2017-07-11 Middle Market Indicator 1Q 2017 Report in the U.S. economy among middle market companies has reached a new high in early 2017, according to the Q1 2017 Middle Market Indicator (MMI) released today by the National Center for the Middle Market (NCMM). With nine in 10 middle market leaders indicating a positive perception of the country’s economy, this level of confidence represents the highest recorded in the MMI’s five-year history. 2017-04-26 Cisco News Mobile App Available Now! industry. Your interests. Your news. Download Cisco News app today for personalized news at your fingertips. #CiscoNewYourWay2017-03-29 Smart Manufacturing: When Factories Go Digital – it's a word that has birthed many buzzwords, phrases, and discussions. For some, it brings to mind a specific type of technology that helps to enable automation, or that streamlines processes. Others hear "digital" and think about the customer experience of real-time data, access, and new business models.2017-03-20 Report on Middle-Market Cyber Risks report recently released by the National Center for the Middle Market highlights the need for further industry management of cyber risks. The study finds less than half of middle-market companies manage a regularly updated cybersecurity risk strategy, despite 86 percent of middle market firms identifying such risks as a crucial priority. 2017-02-24 National Center for the Middle Market Report Sheds Light on Managing Cyber Risks written by Cyber Wire referring to the NCMM report on managing cyber risks. Quote by Cisco's Jeff Sharritts on how middle market customers often have to face challenges without the support of large cybersecurity infrastructure and know-how.2017-02-22 Financial Implications of Cyber-Attacks Explored in ACR year’s findings highlighted the challenges and opportunities for security teams defending against the relentless evolution of cybercrime and shifting attack modes. 2017-02-09 Cisco News 'On-the-Go'! how the Cisco News mobile app is your handheld companion for the latest regional Cisco headlines. 2017-01-23 FlashStack from Cisco & Pure Accelerates the Speed of Business Infrastructure featuring all-flash storage offers the promise of ease of use, faster performance, and better ROI. One of the solutions creating the most buzz in this category is FlashStack, the latest joint offer from Cisco and Pure Storage.2017-01-10 Yes, Manufacturers, Technology can Decrease Business Uncertainty October, KPMG released their Canadian Manufacturing Outlook 2016 report. If you’re in manufacturing, you’ve likely already read the report and digested its key findings.2016-12-02 Automated Alerts with the Americas Network with the Americas Network to receive alerts on the content that matters most to you! 2016-05-15 How to Drive Customer Loyalty in a Digital World thrive in a digital world, businesses need to create seamless customer experiences. Customers want to be serviced anywhere, anytime and on any device, and yesterday’s contact centre solutions simply can’t keep up.2016-03-11 AFOSA Deploys Cisco Collaboration Technology in Its Communications Network order to update their communications solutions and have the internal control to facilitate the management of the system, respond to the new company requirements, and obtain the benefits of IP Telephony, Accesorios Forestales de Occidente SA de CV (AFOSA) has chosen Cisco® BE6000 among other Cisco collaboration solutions. 2016-03-07