Cisco Americas Network AnnouncementsSat, 24 Aug 2019 09:18:47 -0700Smart City of the Future San Antonio House Chronicles host Llewellyn King travels to San Antonio, Tex., for the City of the Future event in San Antonio and interviews Guy Diedrich and Rebecca Chisolm of Cisco Systems on smart city benefits and technology.2019-03-10 Why Connected Intersections Are the Backbones of Smart Cities transportation expert Michelle Maggiore explains why connected intersections are the backbones of smart cities.2019-02-04 Durham County goes Cisco for enterprise network ops and security proficiency County, N.C. is featured for helping the county's IT team save time while improving security for their network powered by Cisco's Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI) and DNA Center.2019-01-23 The Tech Lessons of Westworld for Our World's U.S. Public Sector Senior Systems Engineering Director Marcus Moffett contrasts how fog or edge computing in HBO's fictional Westworld, results in robots disastrous consequences to present day smart and connected communities. Today smart communities are fueled by the Internet of Things, government and citizens can benefit from edge computing to improve public services and respond quickly to disasters.2018-10-29 How Companies Think About Smart City Technology and Improving Metropolitan Living's Britt Norwood talks Smart City tech and how Albuquerque, N.M., is replacing traditional streetlights, helping to improve public safety and making lighting more efficient and cost-effective through Cisco Kinetic for Cities. 2018-10-15 Bringing the Smart City Vision to Kansas City’s Neglected East Side few signs of renewal in the area, Kansas City officials are hoping new investments in transit and technology will move the needle. It will mean smart parking, smart intersections, smart water meters and smart streetlights. Cisco, Sprint and its corporate partners has made Kansas City a magnet for tech entrepreneurs and conferences for big think about big data.2018-10-02 Cybersecurity for smart cities: Changing from reactionary to proactive U.S. Public Sector Senior Director of Security Will Ash and Vice President of State, Local and Education for the Western U.S. Britt Norwood explore how smart cities can be proactive instead of reactive. The best proactive security plan is one developed by city officials that relies on a multi-tiered security approach to keep all endpoints, the network infrastructure and the cloud architecture safe.2018-09-24 Why a smart city is an asset to the citizen and the city itself Public Sector Senior Vice President Larry Payne discusses the future of smart cities technology, why it's essential to share information across all departments and how public officials can use that data to improve real-world experience for its citizens and the operational needs of a city. 2018-09-12 Kansas City Blazes a Trail Toward Smarter, Better Services City CIO Bob Bennett credits KCMO's smart cities public-private partnership with Cisco and its ecosystem partners as critical to its success. 2018-08-17 Cisco Live 2018: How Small Businesses Can Overcome Cybersecurity Challenges 2018, ransomware, cryptomining, data breaches and other cybersecurity threats plague small and medium-sized businesses as much as larger enterprises. However, SMBs often need to confront those IT security challenges with fewer resources. Learn how how SMBs can keep their IT resources and customers' data safe with network segmentation via software-defined networking to enhance their security. 2018-07-05 Cisco Live 2018: In Keynote, CEO Robbins Says Networks Must Change Fundamentally Cisco Live CEO Chuck Robbins talks about the “the network’s next act,” which is to evolve into an intelligent and secure platform for delivering business outcomes. 2018-06-29 Las Vegas Using Smart City Tech from Cisco to Improve Their Community Vegas is using smart city tech from Cisco to improve their community and provide new amenities for citizens.2018-06-22 Cisco Live 2018: Las Vegas and Cary, NC, Benefit from Smart City Tech City of Las Vegas and Cary, NC are two very different communities are using sensors to gather data on parking, public safety and more. The common tech where citizens benefit is Cisco Kinetic for Cities. 2018-06-15 Readiness Challenge Update: How Cary is tearing down silos, NC is tearing down silos that keep their departments from working together. 2018-06-15 Cisco Live 2018: How People are Using Technology for the Better Operation of Cities Khetrapal, Cisco's Managing Director, Smart+Connected Communications, discusses how people are using technology for the better operation of cities.2018-06-15 Smart Regions Spotlight: Cary, North Carolina town of Cary, NC is utilizing Cisco’s Kinetic for Cities platform to display and analyze data to benefit citizen experiences.2018-06-15 Rhode Island Seeks Private Partner on Autonomous Transit Project Connected Transportation expert Michelle Maggiore talks translating data into apps for a better citizen experience that millennials and more expect in today's smart + connected communities. 2018-05-11 Why Mayors Matter to Smart Cities Stewart, Senior Advisor for Smart and Connected Communities at Cisco and former mayor of Plattsburgh, NY, shares his insights on why mayors matter to smart and connected communities.2018-04-26 Automation Spurs Efficient State and Local Data Center Management that automate essential tasks report huge savings on time, money and personnel. Durham County, NC, decided to move from traditional data center architecture to Cisco’s Application Centric Infrastructure, a software-defined networking solution that allows for greater flexibility, scalability, ¬visibility and ease of management By setting up the right network policies, Durham County now automates repetitive tasks such as load balancing and network provisioning, which otherwise require human intervention. For example, setting up a physical network can take 40 minutes or longer, but doing so with ACI takes less than three. (StateTech)2018-04-23 Why Build Smart? Improving Quality of Life for Citizens in Latin America are moving to cities all over the world at the rate of 10,000 people per hour. By 2050, 66% of the world’s population is expected to live in urban areas, stressing aging infrastructures and already crowded areas. Sufficient fresh water is likely to be an issue in many growing cities, as is efficient transportation. Government leaders are preparing for this influx by thinking about how to make their quickly expanding towns and cities as pleasant and safe as possible. And they are using technology to make it happen. 2018-04-23 Public Safety Agencies Must Make Cyber a Part of their Protection Toolkit Cybersecurity Leader Will Ash and former police chief and current Cisco Public Safety Advisor Desi Racicot combine forces to share insights on how public safety agencies must make cyber a part of their protection toolkit.2018-03-15 The Future of Connected Transit Is More Than Just Driverless Cars transportation expert Michelle Maggiore shares her insights on the future of connected transportation. And its not just driverless cars. Think building an infrastructure backbone to securing autonomous vehicles, connected intersections and more.2018-02-19 Cisco Looks to Simplify Smart City Initiatives with New Tools ease future deployments, Cisco Systems has released a slew of resources that address common barriers to smart city success.2018-02-09 The Digital Transformation of Argentina and the Region Leads to Advancement in Development and Inclusion a luxury of more advanced countries, technology for all is now a need in developing countries.2018-01-30 Las Vegas CTO Demos Cisco Kinetic for Cities Sherwood, CTO of the City of Las Vegas, demonstrates to the press how the city is leveraging Cisco Kinetic for Cities.2018-01-25 LiDAR, Connected Vehicle Data Collection Among Latest Las Vegas Deployments LiDAR implementation and a collection of connected vehicle data are two of Las Vegas' most recent tech initiatives in its downtown Innovation District. In December 2017, the city implemented Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) sensors from Quanergy through a partnership with Cisco. “When you’re distracted, when you’re in love and you’re trying to get here, there’s tunnel vision. So that was one scenario for ‘Why LiDAR?'” Las Vegas Director of Information Technology Michael Sherwood said in an interview. He described the LiDAR rollout as the first of its kind.2018-01-25 Kansas City Enters ‘Phase 2’ of Its Smart City Transformation City, Missouri is entering the second phase of its smart city program with greater appreciation for sensor-generated data and its ability to finetune algorithms to predict future behavior. The city deployed more than 325 public access Wi-Fi points and 128 smart streetlights across its 54-block downtown streetcar corridor, which feeds into a data lake aggregated by Cisco Kinetic for Cities.2018-01-24 Sin City Aims to Be the Next Tech Hub its quest to become a smart city, Las Vegas has implemented many new tech initiatives, including autonomous shuttles and WiFi-enabled street lamps. Here, Michael Sherwood, director of technology and innovation for the City of Las Vegas, talks with Light Reading Editor Mari Silbey about the city's partnership with Cisco, its road map for the future and how Las Vegas plans to become a premier destination for new tech companies.2018-01-18 Cisco, Quanergy partnership will leverage LiDAR to promote safer cities promotion of its Connected Roadway efforts, Cisco Systems announced a smart city collaborative partnership with light detection and ranging (LiDAR) sensor manufacturer Quanergy to enhance smart transportation via IoT solutions. Cisco’s Connected Roadway — a network infrastructure designed to equip cities to maximize the link between people, processes, data, and IoT — will utilize Quanergy’s sensors and software to refine intelligent transportation systems which will improve both traffic flow and overall safety.2018-01-10 Quanergy and Cisco come together for smart city connected roadway offerings and Cisco have implemented a connected roadway experience solution in the city of Las Vegas that focuses on pedestrian safety. The initial intersection is located on E. Clark Avenue between 2nd and 3rd Streets and utilizes Quanergy’s M8 LiDAR sensor to track the flow of pedestrians and, in the future, it will also track cars and buses. Cisco’s Smart City Connected Roadway solutions, powered by Cisco Kinetic, links people, processes, data and connected devices to create an intelligent network infrastructure that allows cities to use data analytics to gain new insights and make more informed decisions. It can help make streets and highways safer and more efficient for both motorists and pedestrians. Quanergy’s LiDAR sensors and software will integrate with the Cisco Kinetic platform. 2018-01-10