Cisco Americas Network AnnouncementsSat, 24 Aug 2019 09:06:04 -0700Sharp Faced Challenge of Upgrading IT Infrastructure with Legacy Apps Diego-based Sharp HealthCare was struggling to modernize its IT infrastructure while maintaining support for legacy applications, explained Kevin Rothstein, network engineer at Sharp HealthCare. The health system was outgrowing its physical infrastructure for the data center, it was focused on virtualization to reduce underutilized hardware in its facilities, and it wanted to improve its security strategy.2019-05-20 Why We Should Establish a Personal Health Record For Each Person In the U.S. a Personal Health Record for each person in the U.S.– either via Private or Public means, if every person had a PHR that was maintained over a person’s lifetime, each person would own their own data and then decide who and how it gets shared, mined, used, etc. Microsoft Healthvault and Google Health maybe were ahead of their time when they introduced these concepts. I think this is the way it makes sense to make data more interoperable and sharable among those providers that patients believe should have access to it.2019-05-06 HIMSS19 Video: Innovations Drive Enhancement in Senior Care Healthcare Lead Troy Yoder gives comment around innovations in senior care to the TV crew at HealthTech Magazine at HIMSS19 conference. 2019-02-22 HIMSS19 Video: Telehealth Evolves to Move Care Closer to the Patient Healthcare lead Troy Yoder comments on how telehealth is moving closer to the patient. Healthcare professionals are changing the way they deliver services to make them more convenient for patients. Watch the full video from HealthTech Magazine at the HIMSS19 conference. 2019-02-22 HIMSS19 Video: Integrated Solutions Deliver New Capabilities takes a look at powerful new healthcare technologies on the conference's exhibit floor. Cisco Healthcare Lead Troy Yoder describes how Cisco's clinical workflow integrates complex technologies to deliver a simple experience for healthcare professionals. 2019-02-22 4 Trends Expected at HIMSS19 is mentioned as one telehealth leader that will find more market advantage as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) update several of its guidance models and the 2019 physician fee schedule in relation to how providers treat Medicare Advantage patients using telehealth. 2019-02-21 5 Cybersecurity Threats Healthcare Faces in 2019 Healthcare Solutions Architect Marlon Harvey helps define the top five information security threats facing healthcare organizations this year. He says a "tsunami of connectedness" will continue to be a major challenge to healthcare security. Marlon also says, "Security policies will fail without the proper training of people." More insight found at Healthcare IT News.2019-02-21 HIMSS19: Top Predicted Takeaways from the Show Healthcare Director Barbara Casey shares her predicted takeaways from the HIMSS19 show next week with Electronic Health Reporter. She says, "I hope the number one takeaway from the conference is the understanding that unlocking the power of data will help move patient critical data securely to the edge at the exact time, place and person wherever it is needed, transforming healthcare experiences for patients, clinicians and administrators." Read all the predictions at Electronic Health Reporter. 2019-02-07 Cisco Talks Improving the Patient Experience Healthcare Director Barbara Casey speaks to Healthcare IT News about how health tech needs to evolve to keep pace with changing consumer expectations. She says, "Mobile solutions are no longer just add-ons for convenience, but essential tools for improving the patient experience and streamlining the clinical experience." Cisco will demonstrate an improved patient experience at HIMSS 2019. 2019-01-15 HIMSS Analytics Debuts Infrastructure Benchmarks Analytics introduced a maturity model to measure the technical infrastructure used within a health system, dubbed the "infrastructure adoption model," or INFRAM. Cisco has signed on to the program as an early certified consultant. Becker's Hospital Review has more details. 2018-10-28 How Healthcare providers Can Take Advantage of IoT connecting medical devices to a network, a robust and secure infrastructure can usher in IoT initiatives for healthcare. Giving insight into the complexity of this type of environment, Healthcare Expert Troy Yoder says, "A hospital’s a very dense environment, with floors stacked on top of floors, and it’s a difficult wireless environment to get right." Staples Business Resource Center has more details.2018-08-09 The Data Breach is Coming From Inside the Hospital recent analysis found that healthcare is the only industry in which insider threats (58%) posed the greatest risk to sensitive data. To really make a dent in the problem, technology — and more specifically, automation — is the way to go. Healthcare Expert Amy Young explains how it all starts with the network.2018-07-12 Halton Healthcare Boosts Patient Satisfaction with a Communications Upgrade a hospital relocation, the three-hospital health system rolled out 700 Cisco IP mobile phones to nursing staff on a converged infrastructure, and patient satisfaction skyrocketed. HealthTech Magazine details the success Halton Healthcare relocating several of its hospital facilities into tech-forward “smart” hospitals. 2018-07-12 The Next-Generation Network Will Work Like the Nervous System Healthcare Director Barbara Casey talks next-generation network for healthcare with Healthcare IT News. She is quoted saying, "The old network was like the circulatory system, pumping blood to and away from the heart using a series of pipes. The next-generation network will work more like the nervous system, taking in sensory information, learning from it and changing its behavior based on its sensory environment." More insight from Casey and other healthcare experts shared with Healthcare IT News. 2018-07-11 How the University of Virginia Delivered Telehealth to Ebola-stricken Africa Gunnell, transformative technology strategist at University of Virginia Medical Center for Telehealth, reflects on how Cisco's Webex and Jabber collaboration tech can improve patient care and response in a variety of ways from Ebola in Africa to last year's Charlottesville protests. 2018-06-15 Cisco Expert - What Millennials Want in Healthcare Providers Healthcare Expert Amy Young weighs in on what millennials want in healthcare providers. Amy Young is quoted saying, "With the proliferation of mobile devices and digital communication tools, patients—the customers of the insurance world—are expecting faster and more convenient services." More insight from Amy and stats from a recent survey from PNC Healthcare are published in Managed Healthcare Executive.2018-04-19 Cisco's Amy Young Discusses Medical Device Security Vulnerabilities Healthcare Expert Amy Young outlines the top security threats to medical devices and what can be done to stay ahead of these threats. As the IoMT device landscape heats up and hospitals delve more into remote care, healthcare systems need to protect each and every endpoint device from potential cybersecurity risks. Read the full article at HealthTech. 2018-04-19 Bringing the HIMSS18 Exhibit Floor to the Hospital may be over, but improving the patient experience, streamlining clinical workflows, and strengthening patient data security are still top of mind for healthcare professionals. Cisco Healthcare Expert Sarah Struble discusses what technology was highlighted at the show, what Cisco showcased and key takeaways for healthcare professionals.2018-04-06 HIMSS18 – Goodbye Vegas, hello more advanced healthcare is now in our rear-view mirrors and, as usual, it was a whirlwind of a week. Cisco Director of Healthcare Barbara Casey shares insight from the show, what Cisco was up to and the collection of healthcare solutions Cisco had at the booth. More details can be found on the Cisco Healthcare Blog.2018-03-13 A Better Healthcare Network for Streamlined Workflows should help bring clinicians closer together. With fast access to specialists, time saved finding equipment, and real-time updates to health records, doctors and nurses can spend more time delivering the best care. In order to take advantage of the promise of IoT and connected healthcare, a hospital needs a strong infrastructure. Cisco's Healthcare Director Barbara Casey shares the third of four analyst papers centered around the clinical experience. Check out the Cisco Healthcare Blog for the full report.2018-03-08 Patients Are Setting the Agenda for Healthcare a world where patients are center stage as consumers, differentiation through improved experiences has become a key business priority for healthcare providers. But to deliver these solutions to patients, their families, and caregivers, it’s critical that the right network infrastructure is in place. Healthcare Expert Sarah Struble shares the last in a series of analyst papers, this one on progressing the patient experience in IoT and connected health. Cisco's Healthcare Blog has the full report.2018-03-08 HIMSS 18: Cisco's New Healthcare Infrastructure Maturity Model with HIMSS Analytics, Cisco unveils a new maturity model at HIMSS 18 to help healthcare organizations dig into their data. The tool will identify where to invest scarce resources to best improve infrastructure. HealthTech gets a mini demo from Cisco Healthcare Director Barbara Casey.2018-03-07 A Network Foundation at the Heart of Healthcare Healthcare Director Barbara Casey outlines the IoT landscape for healthcare and how crucial the right network foundation is in order to make IoT work successfully. More information about IoT challenges and possible network solutions can be found in the first of four analyst papers. Check out Cisco's healthcare blog to download the report. 2018-03-07 Cybersecurity - the Flipside of Digitization for Healthcare secure and carefully monitored network is critical to a secure, connected healthcare infrastructure. Cisco Healthcare Expert Sarah Struble shares the second of four analyst papers - this one exploring network security solutions in more depth. Check out the full report on the Cisco Healthcare Blog. 2018-03-07 From the HIMSS18 Floor: Cisco Unveils Groundbreaking Collaboration with HIMSS Analytics HIMSS18, Cisco Healthcare Director Barbara Casey announced that Cisco is collaborating with HIMSS Analytics to create the HIMSS Analytics Infrastructure Adoption Model (INFRAM). INFRAM is the first ever infrastructure maturity model offered through HIMSS Analytics. Stop by the HIMSS Analytics booth #1338 on Thursday, March 8, at 10 a.m. PST for a full presentation on Cisco’s collaboration with HIMSS Analytics.2018-03-05 Telemedicine Saves Time, Money … and Lives an urban crisis threatens a city, emergency responders are quick to react. The question is, what if they are not quick enough? The result could be slower time to patient treatment, an unprepared and chaotic hospital, and most importantly the loss of patient lives. During a local incident of mass violence in Virginia, the University of Virginia (UVA) Telehealth team was able to use video collaboration to communicate between emergency responders with injured patients at the front line and physicians in the command center at the hospital.2018-03-01 3 Success Stories: Equipping the Modern Healthcare Workforce Healthcare Expert Amy Young dives into three digital workflow success stories. These stories highlight how healthcare organizations can embrace the digital revolution to improve operations, retain clinicians and satisfy patients. More details can be found on Cisco's Healthcare Blog. 2018-02-28 Secure healthcare demands a holistic approach's Global Healthcare and Life Sciences Director Barbara Casey discusses the dramatic change healthcare is undergoing and the increasing cybersecurity risks associated with that change. Distributed care, connected devices, these and other developments require a more holistic security approach to IT. The full article is published by Healthcare Management Technology. 2018-02-27 What Are You Hoping To Get Out Of HIMSS18?'s national director for healthcare in Canada and former clinician, Shanti Gidwani, discusses what she's looking forward to at HIMSS18 next week in this in-depth video. She gives her clinician's perspective around the evolution of virtual care, why security is more important than ever and what she hopes HIMSS attendees will get from the show. Check out her video at "Read Full Article." 2018-02-27 Using Technology to Empower Senior Patients Healthcare Director Barbara Casey is quoted by CDW Magazine about how digital tools can help senior patients live longer and more independent lives. The full article is included in CDW's December Tech Solutions issue. 2017-12-21