Cisco Americas Network AnnouncementsTue, 20 Nov 2018 18:33:22 -0800EDUCAUSE 2018: Software-Defined Networks Advance Research Computing State University CIO sees faster service and stronger security in Cisco DNA.2018-11-01 MSU Expands Research Networking Capabilities with Cisco State University used Cisco's Software-Defined Access to transform its research networking. Watch the video to see the impact on students and faculty! 2018-11-01 EDUCAUSE 2018: How Intent-Based Networking Helps Montana State Live Up to Its 125-Year Old Mission State University CIO Jerry Sheehan shares his campus' digital transformation and how Cisco's intent-based networking helps Montana State Live Up to Its 125-Year Old Mission. Learn how MSU honors its land grant heritage of accomplishing innovative, groundbreaking research in science and technology – and shares that knowledge with others to benefit the greater good.2018-10-31 EDUCAUSE 2018: Creating the Safer Campus's U.S. Public Sector Eastern Area Vice President for State, Local and Education Shannon Leininger spotlights a group of universities that are using Cisco solutions to create safer campuses for their students and faculty, both in the physical and digital worlds.2018-10-30 How technology is teaching kids to care about the world and each other influencer Rusul Alrubail meets Edgar Ochoa, a seventh grade social studies teacher from Phoenix, Arizona, who uses Cisco's Corporate and Social Responsibility program Global Problem Solvers: The Series. Imagine the possibilities as the students' learn from an animated series made up of characters and an activity that challenges students to create their own solutions to real-world problems collide. 2018-10-19 Cisco’s Toronto innovation centre shines light on digital campus Innovation Centre co-located with Cisco’s Canadian headquarters in Toronto has played host to a number of different of types of solutions, but recently, it’s gone back to school...2018-10-01 Cisco unveils Education Room, talks future of technology in learning spaces WiFi technology that can collect student behaviour patterns to security cameras that keep schools safe, Cisco’s latest installment of the Education Room in its Innovation Centre focuses on the possibilities of emerging technology that can be used in universities and colleges.2018-09-26 Inspiring students to become global problem solvers from a middle school educator on Cisco's new education corporate social responsibility program Global Problem Solver: The Series and its benefits to students. 2018-08-31 For Students to Thrive in the Digital Economy's Senior Director of Corporate Responsibility discusses the company's newest education initiative, Global Problem Solvers: The Series and how the pathway for change agents begin in middle school. Global Problem Solvers is a video series available at no charge to educators in multiple languages designed to engage students with hands-on STEM learning.2018-08-24 Universities Integrate Smartboards to Promote Collaboration on Campus of Wisconsin-Whitewater's Eric Loepp, a political science professor at UW-Whitewater Webex uses Webex Boards and Teams as a way to get students involved. Later this year, UW-Whitewater plans to expand its implementation of Webex Boards and Teams.2018-08-17 The 4 C’s of Learning in a Connected Classroom's new report highlights the key factors for establishing a successful marriage of technology and the classroom curriculum.2018-07-30 Cybersecurity CTE Programs Like Cisco Networking Academy on the Rise programs that allow students to earn professional credentials or college credit are becoming increasingly popular at schools nationwide. Many of these schools have become a Cisco Networking Academy, allowing them to choose from an array of courses to fit a standard template of four total to provide professional or post-secondary credentials to students. Education Dive details the success of programs like the Cisco Networking Academy.2018-07-20 ISTE 2018: Cisco Uses Animation to Inspire Students to Enact Global Change debuts its animated Global Problem Solvers: The Series to encourage K-12 students to use critical thinking and entrepreneurial spirit to solve real world problems through STEM. Phoenix educator Edgar Ochoa piloted the program with his 8th grade social studies students. And the results? “Once we let their imaginations fly, the results were unbelievable,” Ochoa said. 2018-06-29 Cisco Live 2018: In Keynote, CEO Robbins Says Networks Must Change Fundamentally Cisco Live CEO Chuck Robbins talks about the “the network’s next act,” which is to evolve into an intelligent and secure platform for delivering business outcomes. 2018-06-29 Cisco Partners with CILC for Connected Educators Program Education Advocates Mary Schlegelmilch and Dr. Lance Ford debut Cisco's new Connected Educators program, a badging program for teachers, administrators and content providers who use Cisco technologies to augment teaching and learning, build new content and enhance administrative management. The program is a Cisco collaboration with the Center for Interactive Teaching and Learning and Collaboration (CILC), an organization that brings teachers and content providers together to deliver immersive, video-enabled learning experiences to students.2018-06-27 Monday at ISTE 2018: Cisco unveils corporate social responsibility ed initiative't make it to Chicago? EducationDive recapped the show's most interesting events and announcements including Cisco's debut of Global Problem Solvers: The Series--a new corporate social responsibility ed initiative.2018-06-27 Introducing Webex Teams: Learn How The Future of Work Begins in Today’s Classrooms Education Director Renee Patton details how Webex Teams gives learners the flexibility to choose how they want to interact. From classrooms to boardrooms, successful organizations are pushing toward a more flexible, team-centric model to enable a productive work experience. With Cisco Webex Teams, instead of adapting to the way a platform operates, learners and professionals now have the flexibility to choose how they want to interact. It's preparing students for the future of work with technology in classrooms today.2018-06-26 Introducing Global Problem Solvers: The Series's Senior Vice President for Corporate Affairs Tae Yoo announces Global Problem Solvers: The Series, a new Cisco corporate social responsibility (CSR) educational initiative. The new animated series and supporting activities for middle schoolers are available at no cost in English, Spanish, Hindi and French at How the University of Virginia Delivered Telehealth to Ebola-stricken Africa Gunnell, transformative technology strategist at University of Virginia Medical Center for Telehealth, reflects on how Cisco's Webex and Jabber collaboration tech can improve patient care and response in a variety of ways from Ebola in Africa to last year's Charlottesville protests. 2018-06-15 Cisco Live 2018: Montana State University Redefines Its Network Sheehan, CIO of Montana State University, spoke at Cisco Live 2018 in Orlando, Fla., as part of a panel of early adopters of Cisco’s emerging suite of “intent-based” software-defined architecture solutions. 2018-06-15 Montana State University Uses Software Defined Networking To Reduce Deployment Times State University's CIO, Jerry Sheehan, discusses how the university uses Cisco's software defined networking to reduce deployment times.2018-06-15 $2.8-M NSERC-Cisco chair aims to transform the Internet of Things of Saskatchewan (U of S) has been awarded $1.38 million by NSERC —and matching funding from industry partner Cisco Canada — for a research chair to help address the huge demand the Internet of Things (IoT) will create for transmitting and tracking data.2018-06-12 Cisco Canada Welcomes Toronto Public Library to Cisco Networking Academy celebration of Toronto Digital Literacy Day, Cisco Canada is proud to officially welcome the Toronto Public Library to its groundbreaking Cisco Networking Academy program.2018-05-31 Q&A: Rod Houpe Uses Evidence to Drive Change in Schools Metropolitan School District’s CIO Rod Houpe says K–12 districts need to drive digital transformation using organizational change management. Houpe recently published a white paper, “Mastering Organizational Change Management to Drive Digital Transformation in Education,” in conjunction with Cisco's Director of Education Renee Patton and Sonny Magana. Key to change management for schools is security and the Internet of Things.2018-05-30 Cisco Canada Celebrates 20 Years of Networking Academy by Awarding Students the Chance to Shadow Cisco Experts Canada announced today that it will celebrate the Cisco Networking Academy’s 20th year in Canada with an exclusive opportunity for its top 20 Canadian students. 2018-05-18 New Threats Challenge the Resilience of State and Local Agency Cyberdefenses's U.S. Public Sector CTO Dan Kent talks cyber best practices and how holistic cybersecurity is key as new threats challenge the resilience of state and local agencies. 2018-05-11 SDN Technology Increases Speed, Visibility for Campus IT Green State University embraces software-defined networking platform to simplify management, security and deployment in higher education. 2018-05-11 Humber and Cisco Join Forces to Enhance Technology-Driven Education will link Innovation Centres, showcase education industry leadership and drive hands-on experimentation 2018-05-08 After Two Decades, Cisco Networking Academy's Success Highlights Partnership Roles's Networking Academy is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, having partnered with K-12 schools and other learning institutions in 180 countries to equip millions of students with valuable IT job skills.2018-05-01 Cisco Networking Academy Provides New Skills to Narrow the Talent Gap Networking Academy Provides New Skills to Narrow the Talent Gap Program focuses on growing students’ STEM talents, as well as helping their communities. U.S. Public Sector Senior Vice President Larry Payne is a strong advocate of the program and its many benefits, “It also helps with economic development, and we feel like it’s a win-win-win for the community, the student and certainly the industry.2018-04-30