Cisco Americas Network AnnouncementsSat, 24 Aug 2019 09:00:28 -0700Webex Gets a Dose of AI with Cognitive Collaboration take for granted how much of our work relies on communicating effectively with our coworkers, clients and colleagues. As the workplace has become more modernized, globalized and digitized, the tools that we use for collaboration have become even more integral to the success of our workdays. Cisco's Webex platform has been a long-standing leader in the collaboration sphere, but that position of strength hasn't made the company complacent. At Cisco Live 2019, the company unveiled an infusion of AI into its Webex platform, which it calls Cognitive Collaboration. Some of this manifests in things like People Insights, which uses AI to crawl the web for public information about people you're meeting with outside of your organization, or to crawl internal data sources for people within your company. Take a look at what this AI-fueled version of Webex can do for your business.2019-07-02 Cisco Live 2019: How Businesses Can Secure Data in the Cloud — and with It security cameras to SD-WAN, Cisco offers security for a cloud-first world.2019-06-13 Earth Day 2019 – Taking Sustainability to the Local Level has been widely recognized for our sustainability efforts across the world and this Earth Day, we are taking our sustainability efforts to a local level. Cisco set its first carbon reduction target in 2007. Now, 12 years later, we are on our third iteration of goals, which include reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, using electricity generated from renewable sources, and reducing total emissions by 60 percent by FY22. We are also tackling water use and waste within our facilities. We have some big goals ahead of us! 2019-04-22 5 Tech Companies that Want to Hire Vets Now is a featured tech company that wants to hire vets now! Learn about Cisco's Networking Academy programs on military installations and our programs to help veterans transition into the tech sector. 2019-04-10 Cisco sets veterans up for success has been selected as Connecting Vets Employer of the Week! U.S. Public Sector Senior Vice President Larry Payne explains how Cisco offers vets a pathway to success with its numerous corporate responsibility programs. 2019-03-20 Cisco Forms Partnership with Habitat for Humanity employees from North and South America have recently traveled to Georgia to help build homes as part of a new national partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Cisco provided the funding and volunteers from their Americas sales team to help construct the homes over 12 week-long builds. 2019-03-06 Cisco Volunteers Help Build Habitat Home in Forsyth County Systems employees from North and South America have traveled to Georgia to help build homes with two families as part of a new national partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Cisco provided funding and volunteers from its Americas sales team helped construct the houses. 2019-03-06 NC Networking Academy Empowers Women in IT Networking Academy graduate Megan Chapman details her journey from student at Stanly Community College to IT professional crediting Cisco's Networking Academy program with empowering women in IT. 2019-03-04 Cisco Enters National Partnership with Habitat for Humanity employees from North and South America have traveled to Georgia to help build homes with two families as part of a new national partnership with Habitat for Humanity. Cisco provided funding, and volunteers from their Americas sales team helped construct the homes over 12 weeklong builds.2019-02-28 #WeAreCisco and we #LoveWhereweWork Canada has been recognized as an exceptional, and industry-leading, workplace by Forbes Best Employers in 2019. 2019-01-29 As the internet moves to the cloud, Cisco is making cybersecurity a priority physical shape of the internet is changing, and as it does, Cisco Systems Inc. is making big investments in cybersecurity to position itself as a leader in the new structure. Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins was in Toronto for the Fortune Global Forum last week and spoke with the Financial Post about those changes, first among them the migration from localized networks to cloud-based services.2018-10-22 How technology is teaching kids to care about the world and each other influencer Rusul Alrubail meets Edgar Ochoa, a seventh grade social studies teacher from Phoenix, Arizona, who uses Cisco's Corporate and Social Responsibility program Global Problem Solvers: The Series. Imagine the possibilities as the students' learn from an animated series made up of characters and an activity that challenges students to create their own solutions to real-world problems collide. 2018-10-19 Inspiring students to become global problem solvers from a middle school educator on Cisco's new education corporate social responsibility program Global Problem Solver: The Series and its benefits to students. 2018-08-31 For Students to Thrive in the Digital Economy's Senior Director of Corporate Responsibility discusses the company's newest education initiative, Global Problem Solvers: The Series and how the pathway for change agents begin in middle school. Global Problem Solvers is a video series available at no charge to educators in multiple languages designed to engage students with hands-on STEM learning.2018-08-24 ISTE 2018: Cisco Uses Animation to Inspire Students to Enact Global Change debuts its animated Global Problem Solvers: The Series to encourage K-12 students to use critical thinking and entrepreneurial spirit to solve real world problems through STEM. Phoenix educator Edgar Ochoa piloted the program with his 8th grade social studies students. And the results? “Once we let their imaginations fly, the results were unbelievable,” Ochoa said. 2018-06-29 Cisco Partners with CILC for Connected Educators Program Education Advocates Mary Schlegelmilch and Dr. Lance Ford debut Cisco's new Connected Educators program, a badging program for teachers, administrators and content providers who use Cisco technologies to augment teaching and learning, build new content and enhance administrative management. The program is a Cisco collaboration with the Center for Interactive Teaching and Learning and Collaboration (CILC), an organization that brings teachers and content providers together to deliver immersive, video-enabled learning experiences to students.2018-06-27 Monday at ISTE 2018: Cisco unveils corporate social responsibility ed initiative't make it to Chicago? EducationDive recapped the show's most interesting events and announcements including Cisco's debut of Global Problem Solvers: The Series--a new corporate social responsibility ed initiative.2018-06-27 Introducing Webex Teams: Learn How The Future of Work Begins in Today’s Classrooms Education Director Renee Patton details how Webex Teams gives learners the flexibility to choose how they want to interact. From classrooms to boardrooms, successful organizations are pushing toward a more flexible, team-centric model to enable a productive work experience. With Cisco Webex Teams, instead of adapting to the way a platform operates, learners and professionals now have the flexibility to choose how they want to interact. It's preparing students for the future of work with technology in classrooms today.2018-06-26 Introducing Global Problem Solvers: The Series's Senior Vice President for Corporate Affairs Tae Yoo announces Global Problem Solvers: The Series, a new Cisco corporate social responsibility (CSR) educational initiative. The new animated series and supporting activities for middle schoolers are available at no cost in English, Spanish, Hindi and French at Cisco Live 2018: Atlanta Braves’ New Network Transforms Its Business just a baseball team, Atlanta Braves CIO Greg Gatti describes how the Cisco network is now at the heart of a transformed business that includes a ballpark and 1.5 million square feet of homes, retail shops, office buildings, restaurants and more. Gatti used Cisco's technology as a revenue driver, “We went from being a ballclub to being a technology-driven landlord, development and marketing company,” he said. 2018-06-21 Cisco Live 2018: Las Vegas and Cary, NC, Benefit from Smart City Tech City of Las Vegas and Cary, NC are two very different communities are using sensors to gather data on parking, public safety and more. The common tech where citizens benefit is Cisco Kinetic for Cities. 2018-06-15 How the University of Virginia Delivered Telehealth to Ebola-stricken Africa Gunnell, transformative technology strategist at University of Virginia Medical Center for Telehealth, reflects on how Cisco's Webex and Jabber collaboration tech can improve patient care and response in a variety of ways from Ebola in Africa to last year's Charlottesville protests. 2018-06-15 Readiness Challenge Update: How Cary is tearing down silos, NC is tearing down silos that keep their departments from working together. 2018-06-15 Cisco Live 2018: How People are Using Technology for the Better Operation of Cities Khetrapal, Cisco's Managing Director, Smart+Connected Communications, discusses how people are using technology for the better operation of cities.2018-06-15 Cisco Live 2018: Cisco's WebEx Teams Aims to Simplify Collaboration Barker, an enterprise collaboration consultant at CDW, gave us a demo of Cisco's Webex Teams key features and explained how collaboration tools are evolving. 2018-06-15 Smart Regions Spotlight: Cary, North Carolina town of Cary, NC is utilizing Cisco’s Kinetic for Cities platform to display and analyze data to benefit citizen experiences.2018-06-15 Cisco Live 2018: Montana State University Redefines Its Network Sheehan, CIO of Montana State University, spoke at Cisco Live 2018 in Orlando, Fla., as part of a panel of early adopters of Cisco’s emerging suite of “intent-based” software-defined architecture solutions. 2018-06-15 Cisco Live 2018: How to Create an IT Culture That Empowers Everyone Cisco Live 2018, BizTech's Phil Goldstein interviewed leaders about how organizations can create a culture that empowers all employees, regardless of gender. 2018-06-15 Montana State University Uses Software Defined Networking To Reduce Deployment Times State University's CIO, Jerry Sheehan, discusses how the university uses Cisco's software defined networking to reduce deployment times.2018-06-15 Cisco Live 2018: Intent-Based Networking Offers Flexibility and Innovation from REI and Montana State University speak about how they are using Cisco's intent-based, software-defined networking capabilities to transform their networks. 2018-06-15