Cisco Americas Network AnnouncementsWed, 21 Aug 2019 07:11:58 -0700Intelligent Transportation Systems Save Cents for Main Street and its Kinetic for Cities solution teams with Las Vegas, Cary and more on parking, driving and pedestrian safety with connected tech.2017-12-05 UCCS, Cisco launch cybersecurity workforce deal has signed a strategic relationship agreement with Cisco to develop a cybersecurity workforce development center. Worldwide, it is Cisco’s only cybersecurity SRA with a university, UCCS Vice Chancellor Martin Wood said.2017-11-20 With an eye on cybersecurity, Cisco relaunches smart city platform's Smart + Connected Digital Platform is now termed, Cisco Kinetic for Cities and Cary, North Carolina CIO Nicole Riamundo is using it to improve parking and later lighting experiences for citizens. "I look at all the smart technologies and all the data we are able to gather and analyze as really the best mechanism for us as a town to make sure we are delivering the best services possible," Riamundo said. 2017-11-17 Cary, N.C., Tests Smart Technology in Its 'Living Lab' City Campus, N.C., is testing smart parking sensors with the Cisco Kinetic for Cities platform on its city hall campus to see how they work on a small scale. And for other cities who need financing to jump start into a smart city Cisco introduces a new financing program called City Infrastructure Financing Acceleration. The company has $1 billion set aside in debt and equity financing, offered through Cisco Capital.“What this does is it just makes it easier, it makes it faster and more affordable for a city to adopt these technologies,” says U.S Public Sector Senior Vice President Larry Payne. 2017-11-16 Smart City and IoT Threat Defense Public Sector Senior Director of Security Will Ash's takeaways from Think Big's Smart City Summit on Smart Cities and IoT Threat Defense. 2017-11-16 Town of Cary, NC – Using Insights for Parking Improvements Public Sector Senior Vice President Larry Payne of Larry Payne debuts Cisco Kinetic for Cities Platform featuring Cary, NC. 2017-11-14 Cisco rolls out $1B city financing program, changes to Kinetic platform Kinetic for Cities data platform, formerly known as its Smart+Connected Digital Platform, adds new public safety, waste management and a new financing program. U.S. Public Sector Larry Payne lauds Cisco's partner ecosystem and security that differentiate Cisco Kinetic for Cities. North Carolina CIO Nicole Raimundo is featured for its use of the Cisco Kinetic for Cities platform, saying it's been "fantastic to gain visibility" and see how often certain parking spots — specifically handicap spots — are being used around town.2017-11-14 Leveraging telemedicine to avoid ER visits Too many unnecessary ambulance trips in Houston. Solution. ETHAN courtesy of Dr. Michael Gonzalez of the Houston Fire Department, Cisco and Panasonic. Results? Houston residents get transportation that meets their needs and appropriate medical care for their conditions. 2017-11-14 EDUCAUSE 2017: From Goals to Controls — 3 Strategies to Secure the Cloud Washington University's Brian Markham, assistant vice president for information security and compliance services teams with Cisco's Kristyanne Patulla, a consulting systems on how schools can migrate to the cloud securely and efficiently.2017-11-06 The Network of the Future Reaches Higher Education Does The Network. Intuitive Mean for Higher Education? Cisco Director of Education Renee Patton breaks down the benefits for the academic village and Cisco customer Gerry McCartney of Purdue University is featured. “We’re faced with hundreds of security incidents annually, so we need a network that protects university data – a network that doesn't just cobble on security, but has it in its DNA,” said Gerry McCartney, CIO of Purdue University. “As a leading research institution, Purdue understands the power of data-driven intelligence. We require a robust, versatile, intelligent and adaptable network infrastructure. Cisco's The Network. Intuitive. helps us meet all those needs.”2017-11-01 Ready for EDUCAUSE 2017 Public Sector Director of Education Renee Patton and the Cisco education team are ready for the annual EDUCAUSE conference--the premier convening of IT professionals and technology higher education being held this week in Philadelphia. 2017-10-30 Florida city secures government building with Cisco IoT technology city of Pembroke Pines, Florida secures multi-use spaces with Cisco Connected Safety and Security (CSS) IoT technology in collaboration with Zones.2017-10-27 Purdue University Harnessing the Power of the Network Intuitive University CIO Gerry McCartney describes the power of Cisco's Network Intuitive and its potential for the future. 2017-10-27 Las Vegas Taps Smart City Initiatives to Improve Mobility, Quality-of-Life Vegas Director of Technology and Innovation Michael Sherwood is driving connected tech to build a more mobile, secure and future-ready city. Earlier this year, Las Vegas announced a partnership with Cisco that would build on and expand its existing connectivity infrastructure in its downtown Innovation District with the aim to improve mobility, sustainability and provide insight into a host of city issues.2017-10-20 Connected Tech is the New Engine for Public Safety Operations Nashville and Houston Fire Departments are highlighted by U.S. Public Sector Vice President Area Vice President for Cisco’s Eastern SLED markets Tony Morelli who explains how connected tech is the new engine for public safety operations. 2017-10-11 After Harvey, Houston telehealth program helped city ration emergency services Michael Gonzalez of the Houston Fire Department discusses how Cisco video conferencing technology is used by firefighters to help people in emergencies figure out whether they need an ambulance or just a taxi.2017-10-06 Brooklyn Public Library's Team is a Route Fifty Navigator Award finalist Higgins and the Brooklyn Public Library Team is a 2017 Route Fifty Navigator Award finalist in Agency and Department Leadership. The Brooklyn Public Library created TeleStory, a library-based video visitation program designed for families separated by incarcerations. Cisco Connected Justice video units are used primarily for video chats with attorneys. TeleStory has been beneficial, preventing trauma that many young children can experience from the barbed wire and the corrections environment they would encounter in-person and is a model program for other facilities. 2017-10-02 Creating The Perfect Marriage: Collaboration Tools And Security Senior Director of Security Will Ash dives into the misconception that stricter security is worse for collaboration tools. The reality is that better security enables modern collaboration for federal agencies. Fifth Domain has the full article. 2017-10-02 Houston's Mobile Telehealth Service Helps First Responders Streamline Care Houston Fire Department's Dr. Michael Gonzalez discusses its Emergency TeleHealth and Navigation program, or ETHAN, a tablet-based telemedicine service that uses Cisco Systems’ videoconferencing technology to allow patients and on-site emergency medical technicians to instantaneously video chat with physicians. After Harvey, ETHAN played a critical role in freeing up other fire department apparatuses to be able to respond to water emergencies.2017-09-29 Incarcerated Population Education Programs Can Save Taxpayers Billions Chairman and Commissioner NY State Commission Of Corrections and current Cisco Senior Justice Advisor Daniel Stewart highlights data on how funding education tech programs for prisoners can save taxpayers billions. 2017-08-23 5 Ways Video Can Foster Teaching and Learning–12 districts use cameras on phones, tablets and notebooks to extend classroom learning, confer with experts and arrange conferences with colleges and prospective employers.2017-08-17 Las Vegas partners with Cisco on innovation district City of Las Vegas Director of Technology & Innovation Michael Sherwood and Cisco U.S. Public Sector Senior Vice President Larry Payne discuss Las Vegas' future as a smart city with Cisco's Smart+Connected Digital Platform and how the secure data insights from the platform will benefit its citizens and visitors.2017-07-05 Key Takeaways from ISTE 2017 Director of Education Renee Patton recaps some of the key trends talked about at the ISTE conference this week in San Antonio, TX. From STEM programs to virtual reality, to digital education for teachers, the show encompassed where the education community is now with regards to technology application in K-12 academics. 2017-06-30 ISTE 2017 Video: Shawnee Mission School District Shares Their 1:1 Initiative customer Shawnee Mission School District sent Assistant Superintendent Dr. Christy Ziegler and Executive Director Drew Lane to the ISTE 2017 conference to share their 1:1 initiative using Cisco's Digital Education Platform and Spark solutions. Click on "Read Full Article" to watch a video interview with EdTech Magazine about how they increased student engagement and academic achievement. 2017-06-28 Cisco and Suration: The Next Evolution of the Digital Education Platform is at ISTE 2017 Director of Education Renee Patton describes Cisco's new partnership with Suration and Cisco's Digital Education Platform for K-12 being showcased at the ISTE conference this week. From Cisco Spark to ecosystem partners including CirQlive, Cisco has some amazing solutions for the K-12 space. 2017-06-27 What to Expect at ISTE 2017 Director of Education Renee Patton talks about Cisco's activities at the ISTE 2017 conference in San Antonio, TX, including a panel about new personal learning networks and a chance to visit with key Cisco education customers. Cisco is also exhibiting its latest education solutions at booth #1540. 2017-06-22 Cisco Experts Talk Collaborative Learning Using Telephony Collaboration Expert Chris Barwick and U.S. Public Sector Director of Education Renee Patton discuss how far the idea of telephony has evolved and how the new definition of telephony can be used to create more collaborative learning in education. These Cisco experts list out six key tips to create a more robust educational environment.2017-06-07 What Does ‘Modern’ Mean for Federal IT? Simple, Open & Automated's Public Sector Director of Cybersecurity talks IT Modernization and how the way forward is simple, open and automated. 2017-05-24 Houston Steers Cities Into Reducing 'Red Lights and Sirens' customer, the City of Houston's Fire Department, led by Dr. Michael Gonzalez, is featured in Governing Magazine for their innovative telemedicine program known as ETHAN or the Emergency TeleHealth and Navigation. Most 911 calls don't actually require a trip to the hospital. Instead, telemedicine can do the trick, and Houston's system is catching on among the country's paramedics.2017-05-12 Survey Says Students Find University Tech Lacking, those at colleges want single sign-on tools and better digital interactions. Cisco's collaboration tools, connected classroom and Digital Education Platform are enabling seamless integration allowing schools such as The University of La Verne in California to meet those expectations. La Verne has created an app that brings almost all university services online. 2017-05-10