Cisco Americas Network AnnouncementsTue, 20 Nov 2018 18:24:59 -08003 Steps to Retain and Motivate Top Federal Talent today’s very competitive world, it is often difficult to find and retain great talent. Cisco's CTO Dan Kent outlines three key motivators for top talent to help government agencies retain the great resources they have. And money is not one of them. Read the full article in GovLoop. 2018-11-13 Cybersecurity: A great Opportunity for Veterans from the military today doesn't need to be scary like it used to be, as jobs are plentiful and skills acquired in the military are more useful outside of the military than ever. Cisco CTO Dan Kent describes his own experience transitioning from the service to civilian life. He gives resources for veterans looking to train in the ever-growing industry of cybersecurity. 2018-11-13 Cisco's Dan Kent Talks Cloud Migration of Data for Federal reports on Cisco CTO Dan Kent's comments around cloud migration of data for federal agencies. He estimates that "75 percent of information will be hosted on the cloud and that the government will mostly seek cloud-based offerings for its future applications in line with the Cloud Smart program." More insight at GovConWire. 2018-11-02 Cisco's Dan Kent Predicts Increase in Cloud-Based Data Migration Public Sector CTO Dan Kent comments on cloud-based data migration for government agencies. He says that "cloud providers will look to help government customers transfer multipurpose information technology applications." ExecutiveBiz gives more details.2018-10-30 How to Find the Best Fit for Cloud Migration majority of IT applications will eventually be moved to the cloud, but specific characteristics of those applications will ultimately determine whether they will fit into that majority or be left on premises. Government officials and industry experts, including those from Cisco, give insight into how government agencies should approach cloud migration. Federal Times gives more detail. 2018-10-28 Why Military Aircraft Maintenance Data is Increasingly Valuable Defense Expert Joe Beel's insight into how military aircraft maintenance data is becoming more valuable is shared with Rotor Review readers. Read the full article on pages 48 and 49 of the digital magazine. 2018-10-28 FedRAMP Insight from Cisco Government Cloud Lunch a Cisco-hosted government cloud lunch, FedRAMP Program Manager Claudio Belloli gave insight into how the cloud security program has optimized its reviews and the use of automation to further shorten proposal documents. FCW shares more of Claudio's insight. 2018-10-25 Are we doing enough to secure modern DoD virtual training?, virtual and constructive, or LVC, training allows personnel not physically present at a live training event to participate virtually and through constructive simulations that inject battlefield effects into live systems. However, there are some major cyber-related threats and risks that LVC constructs should be prepared for. Cisco Defense Expert Joe Beel details these risks and how the military can counteract them.2018-10-17 Threats from Cyber Adversaries Follow You Home Researcher Nick Biasini discusses with Government CIO how cybersecurity attacks are becoming more and more sophisticated as attackers find new ways to penetrate networks. One of the most concerning methods is by infiltrating a device when it’s connected to a home network, with less protections than the office. Nick dives into the details. 2018-10-02 Understanding and Attracting the Next-Gen Navy Sailor the Navy ensures sailors are challenged and excited by the technologies they’re using, these individuals might opt to stay in the service longer. Cisco Defense Expert Kelly Jones discusses on NextGov how every next-gen recruit should be seen as three different things: a cyber sailor, an ease-of-use sailor and a motivated sailor. 2018-09-05 Like a Hull Breach, Cyber Attacks Should Be Detected In Seconds global average for detecting a cybersecurity breach, is around six months. Imagine if it took that long for a physical breach on a ship to be discovered, let alone fixed. Cisco Defense Expert Kelly Jones outlines a cyber strategy to prepare for, survive and return to mission readiness after a cyber incident.2018-09-05 Comparing Modernizing Government to Remodeling a Home VP Larry Payne breaks down the idea of long-term technology investment for government agencies by comparing this change in IT to a home investment. When should agencies update it, when does it need remodeling and when should agencies completely modernize the space? has the answers. 2018-08-14 Cybersecurity Issues Federal CISO Should Focus On CIO Media made a list of the top 10 cybersecurity issues the new federal CISO should make a priority, including mitigating ransomware attacks as outlined in Cisco's 2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report. The full list of suggested priorities can be found at 2018-08-09 Are We Missing the Forest with IT Modernization? CIO and Federal Expert Alan Balutis explains why we shouldn't be worried about the Technology Modernization Fund (TMF) not being included in the Senate version of the spending bill for fiscal 2019. His insights can be found in Federal News Radio.2018-08-09 Can Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) help agency IT leaders? Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) technology allows agency IT leaders to monitor and measure their data center optimization operations. Cisco CTO Dan Kent says, "Agency IT officials cannot figure out how to consolidate and optimize without knowing the equipment and data they have." More details at 2018-08-09 Military Maintenance Ready for Data-Driven Optimization Expert Joe Beel describes how the use of IoT system data can deliver enhanced visibility and efficient maintenance packaging. He says, "For the DOD, truly digitizing operations means maximizing the potential insights from MRO machine data." The full article is published in Aviation Today. 2018-08-08 Why Military Aircraft Maintenance Data is Becoming Valuable maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) has progressed incredibly over the past 20 years. While innovative manufacturing and MRO practices have allowed military aircraft to become safer and far more capable, agencies are still facing critical adoption challenges. Cisco Defense Expert Joe Beel describes how Internet of Things (IoT) system data (i.e. machine data) can deliver enhanced visibility and efficient maintenance packaging. The full details are published in Rotor & Wing International. 2018-07-24 The Government Reorganization Plan - Finding a Way to the 21st Century remains a popular prescription for many of the ills of government. But little is known about what types of reorganization promote efficiency. Cisco Distinguished Fellow Alan Balutis breaks it down with a five-part plan to advance us towards a 21st century government. Details are at A Different Way for Government to Clean Its Data Distinguished Fellow Alan Balutis offers an alternative approach to efficiently aggregating and analyzing data across the federal enterprise. Details are published in Nextgov.2018-07-11 Executive Spotlight: Diane Gongaware Talks Cybersecurity and Cloud for Government talked with Diane Gongaware, vice president of U.S. Public Sector Services at Cisco, about federal cybersecurity challenges, the government’s progress in adopting the cloud and what products Cisco will be launching soon. Click "Read Full Article" to learn more. 2018-06-26 Reorganizing government: Lessons for rightsizing and downsizing fellow and federal expert Alan Balutis revisits the topic of downsizing or rightsizing when government agencies go to reorganize. Reorganization rarely makes government measurably cheaper and agency efficiency can take a serious beating while changes are being made. Read for all of Alan Balutis' insight. 2018-05-31 Navy Cyber War Breakthrough - AI Finds Malware in Encrypted Traffic Navy Expert Kelly Jones talks to Warrior Maven about how Cisco is prototyping new detection methods as part of an effort to introduce their technology to the U.S. military services. While most DoD network traffic is encrypted for additional safety, encryption can also make it more difficult for cyber defenders to see hidden malware in the traffic. Kelly Jones says, “We have the ability to read and detect malware in encrypted web traffic. Even though the data is encrypted there is still a pattern to malware." Read the full article at Warrior Maven. 2018-05-31 Will Ash Details Why Feds Must Bake Security in to Counter Threats insights from Cisco's Annual Cybersecurity Report: Impacts on Government, Cisco Senior Director of Security Will Ash discusses with FedTech why federal agencies must bake security in to counter threats. "Ash advises agencies to ensure that their network components can be integrated so that they can get that insight into their network traffic and potential threats." Read the full article with FedTech. 2018-05-03 Cyber Warriors Added to the Navy's Front Lines of Navy cyber warriors have joined the front lines at sea on both Carrier Strike Groups and Amphibious Ready Groups to keep pace with newly emerging enemy attacks and attempted intrusions. Cisco Navy Expert Kelly Jones is quoted about the Navy using AI to cyber harden its growing ship-based ocean combat network. The full article is published at Warrior Maven. 2018-04-19 Cisco Cyber Report: Government Should Use AI, Behavior Analytics Magazine reports on Cisco's Annual Cybersecurity Report: Impacts on Government saying, "As threat actors weaponize more technology, Cisco researchers warned government agencies should look to behavior analytics in order to meet new, self-propagating, network-based threats in 2018." The full article can be found at SC Magazine.2018-04-12 Cisco Cyber Report: Malware, Encrypted Traffic Challenge Federal Agencies reports on Cisco's Annual Cybersecurity Report: Impacts on Government calling out the challenges federal agencies face. The publication says according to the report, "hackers will continue to give U.S. government agencies headaches in the coming months thanks to an evolving malware market and their use of encryption to evade detection." Read the full article at CyberScoop. 2018-04-12 Cisco's Dan Kent Discusses How Hackers Adapt to Government Adversaries on findings in Cisco's Annual Cybersecurity Report: Impacts on Government, Cisco CTO Dan Kent talks to FCW about how hackers are increasingly able to mask their presence and take advantage of security vulnerabilities to gain government network access. Kent says federal agencies tend to have better security procedures around their devices to prevent them from being hijacked, but their public facing websites are vulnerable to DDOS attacks. The full article can be found at FCW.2018-04-12 Cisco Cyber Report: Internet 'Noise' Masks Federal Network Dangers Cisco Annual Cybersecurity Report: Impacts on Government is reported on by the Federal Times, calling out how hackers can use the confusion of traffic across government agency networks to mask malicious behavior. The publication points out the federal government's move to the cloud and the cloud security dangers outlined in Cisco's report. Said the reporter, "though 74 percent of government respondents to a Cisco 2018 Security Capabilities Benchmark Study said that they prefer an on-premise cloud, they were almost equally supportive of using a third party to manage that versus doing so themselves." Read the full article at Federal Times.2018-04-12 Unprecedented Threats: Impacts on Government Outlined in Cisco Cybersecurity Report government-focused cybersecurity report from Cisco explains how hackers are getting better at deploying destructive malware, evading detection and exploiting unpatched connected devices to deliver devastating blows to government systems. POLITICO shares a summary as well as a link to the report. 2018-04-10 Baseball and Government IT Go Hand in Hand – Let Me Explain does Bloomberg, baseball and the SVP of Public Sector at Cisco have in common? Find out in SVP Larry Payne’s contributed article in Bloomberg Government, which details key comparisons between government IT and baseball. 2018-03-29